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Praetorian Group International (PGI Global) - Pgiglobal.trade

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I am not the owner or administrator of the project. The information is provided for review and discussion.

Praetorian Group International
Project Start : 20 March 2020
Domain Registration : 29.01.2020

Project Contacts :
- United States of America: PGI Global USA 4002 Highway 78 W, Suite 530-108, Snellville, GA 30039
- Philippines Praetorian Global International Trading Inc. Suite 1002 Richmonde Plaza, #21 San Miguel Ave cor. Lourdes Drive, Ortigas Center, San Antonio, Pasig City, Philippines 1600
- United Kingdom: PGI Global UK 26 Ligrave Road, Luton LU4 8HZ London, England
- Kenya PGI Global Kenya Laxcon House, Limuru Road, P.O. Box 75170 - 00200 - City Square

*Passive income - reported about 0.5%-2.5% per day.
*Wednesday's conclusion. Regulation 24-48 hours.

*Minimum withdrawal $20 a week.
*Maximum withdrawal per week is 50% of the individual package.
*Withdrawal and input : Bitcoin (commission fee 8%)

1. Crypto ATM (terminals)
2. Bitcoin trading platform
3. Blockchain education
4. Products for health and figures
5. The map debit 

- is from Asia.
- Passive income from 30% per month
- 40 master distributors on all continents
- Offices on 4 continents
- 14 public admins

Investment plans:
Sapphire - 100$-300$-500$
Ruby - 1.000$-5.000$-10.000$
Emerald - 20.000$-50.000$-100.000$.

Diamond - $500,000

*The package works until you get 200% net profit.
*When you get 200% profit from trading your original package, the system will automatically end the agreement.

*Any participant can have only one account, but can purchase several packages. When upgrading to another package, you need to purchase a new package at this level.

*The new package must be purchased within 30 days to continue to earn profit and commissions, otherwise it will be considered abandoned or inactive and your account will be lost.
*After 48 hours, the registered account without paying for the package will be deleted from the system.

Bonuses and Affiliate Program :

*Direct referral bonus

Sapphire - 6%

Ruby - 8%

Emerald - 10%

Diamond - 12%

Binary bonus

Sapphire - 8%

Ruby - 8%

Emerald - 8%

Diamond - 10%

- Partner must have 1 guest on the left and on the right.
- The first couple does not qualify for a binary bonus. (Protective grid)
- Partners will receive at least 8% of the binary commission daily, depending on the number of points received from the small team.
- The maximum binary bonus per day will depend on the individual package.

Project management:

1. Rv Palafox Former president and co-founder of Ai Trades Global, is also a resident and CEO of Ai Trades Philippines Inc.
Palafox has played an important role in the success of several international companies based on various products, including First Quadrant International Inc., FKC, Life Vantage, FG Express, Atomy and the multi-billion dollar company Jeunesse International. He has been actively involved in numerous companies.
2. Helen Graham was born and still lives in the UK. Her networking career started in 2013 with a product-based company and soon after that she quickly moved to the cryptographic and forex industry.
3. Born in Kurdistan, Bako Faysal holds three degrees in Visual Communication and Graphic Design, Health & Welfare, and Business Studies with seven years of experience. He is also a freelancer acquiring skills in various industries and companies such as Nike, Macmillan Cancer support, Future Shift, Harborne Academy and Bowers Litchfield, as well as NHS.
4. Benny Akiki Mwesigwa of Uganda is a graduate of the Department of Business Administration with a degree in Marketing and Management. With 7 years experience in the corporate world and 5 years of MLM experience. He has worked in banking, telecom, media and government.
5. Greatnes Judicate, also known as the Lion of Africa, is an Author, Transformation Speaker and Business Developer. Over the years he has become a leader among 2 companies in network marketing, helping people to become successful and become great leaders. He owns 2 companies for business development and leadership training, which determines his passion for growing companies by developing leaders.
6. Shofi Ulla has been involved in the network marketing industry for 6 years with product/service based projects as well as cryptovoltaic and Forex, having a huge amount of knowledge in the digital world as well as skillful people and leadership skills. Multiple owner of one of the largest franchises in the food industry, Pope Jones Ltd.

Join in - Praetorian Group International - https://www.pgiglobal.trade/link/fuckwork

My Deposit #1 -  https://www.blockchain.com/btc/tx/94e0471ac16042f27d0e23c11f3ee35170ed8a3cbab27b34d590eb97bade361c
My Deposit #2 - https://www.blockchain.com/btc/tx/c6f83bc0ad3bb430eb439270c882211af5a5cbd3077e7c8295b083f0b4ef36ba

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On May 25, the Praetorian Group International will be commencing an automated payment system that will have a faster payout and better service to all.

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