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Dog's fight against corona virus: Are our pets safe?

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Corona virus is the latest epidemic disease that is ravaging the world population on a very large scale. The virus has affected way over 200 countries with more than 2 million people tested positive for the virus. The COVID-19 virus has been declared by the world Health Organisation as a global pandemic in early March of 2020. And while the panic has been about the health of the humans over the rapid spread of the virus, pet owners are also begining to worry about the health of their dogs.

In the wake of the virus, photos of dogs have been seen wearing face masks all over the internet and social media platforms — causing pet owners to ask whether their dogs can contract the COVID-19 virus

Can dogs get the corona virus?

The World Health Organisation (WHO) declared that dogs can contract certain kind of corona virus; in the form of canine respiratory corona virus. However, the new corona virus specifically known as COVID-19 is believed not to be a risk to dogs health. In Hong Kong, two pet dogs tested positive for COVID-19 virus because the two dogs have lived with owners who have the virus. However, local authorities in Hong Kong attributed the case to be of human-to-dog transmission — with no evidence indicating that dogs or other animals can transmit the virus to humans. Interestingly none of the two dogs showed any signs of sickness from the virus

Health authorities in Hong Kong continued to test cats and dogs owned by people infected with the COVID-19 virus. A total of 17 tests were done as of 25th of March by Hong Kong's Department of agriculture, fisheries and conservation and the results showed high level of infrequency; as only two dogs were infected and tested positive for the virus.

Improvement of dog health through vaccination

The kind of relationship that exist between dogs and humans have caused dog owners to be concerned about the health and welfare of their dogs in the wake of the corona virus pandemic. The virus has killed many people and dog owners do not want to lose their dogs to this virus. While it is declared that the COVID-19 virus does not pose any threat to dogs or pets for that matter, just like in humans, maintaining a sound health for dogs improves their health and immunity against other forms of corona viruses or even respiratory infections.


One of the best ways to take care of dog's health and improve its welfare is through vaccination. Vaccination provide all the necessary clinical requirements for a good health and prepares the system to fight infections and diseases.

Application of blockchain technology in dog health and welfare

The advancements in technology has helped in solving a lot of challenges that we have faced over time. Blockchain technology which is the most revolutionary technology of this era has been applied to different fields to help improve things. A new project is leveraging blockchain to develop an ecosystem that focuses on dog health and welfare. DogData is building a network of information registry for dogs. The project is also cored on creating a vaccination program for dogs registered on its network.

Feature/Offers of DogData

1. Creation of a detailed dog registry where dogs will be registered
2. An integrated life data management system for dogs
3. A comprehensive and complete vaccination program for dogs
4. Correction of unverifiable and untrustworthy dog data system
5. Creation of a P2p Dog sale, care and welfare system
6. Development of algorithm that use big data & science to breed better Dogs
7. Provision of tools to guide new Dog buyers to pick a suitable Dog breed

Official Links
Website: https://dogdata.io/
Telegram: https://t.me/Dogdata
Whitepaper: https://mydogdata.com/pdf/DogdataLitewhitepaper.pdf
Twitter: https://twitter.com/FaceBook4Dog

My Detail
Telegram https://t.me/@abdulyasu
Bitcointalk: CRYPTICYASU

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I really care about my dog and I hope it will be okay. However, I still found some good sites like https://heartfinance.org/ to learn last news about safety of my pets. It's very important to help each other and read blogs about pets to learn how to fight it.

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