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Hello guys and gals,

As the 2020 global recession is already here and makes a lot of damages. We should work together and help each other to get over it in good shape (financial, physical and mental).

That's why I'm working for over 2 weeks with my business partners and friends to set up the Global Business Task Force.

1. Ok Dennis, but what is the Global Business Task Force?

Fair question ūüôā¬†The Global Business Task Force we will launch soon is a group of open-minded individuals driven by action that work together¬†and¬†share knowledge, intelligence and advice in order to make their businesses not only survive but thrive in the 2020 global recession.¬†

2. What makes this Task Force special?

I'm sure many of you read the news daily, talk with your friends about business opportunities and you're wondering what and who to believe about the future. In the global business taskforce, all the members have a plan and are serious about accomplishing their goals. We have weekly tasks to make sure everyone stays accountable. We all share quality information, do business analysis, investigate money-making opportunities. There are members around the world that make money in different ways both digital and offline.

3. How I can join?

In order to join you will have to get a TGF TaskForce membership which is $69.9/year. For this fee, you will get the following:

  • Unrestricted access for one year to our private club.
  • Read roadmaps and guides on how to thrive in a global recession.
  • Access business guides on how to start a business or grow your existing ones.¬†
  • Read weekly analysis on the current situation and how to prepare for the future.
  • Get tips on businesses and proven money-making methods that work nowadays.¬†
  • Meet, discuss and do business with like-minded persons.¬†
  • Get weekly tasks and advice from our members to stay focused and achieve your goals.

4. Information should be free. Why you charge us?

I agree the information should be free but quality information that will help you make good decisions isn't free. We charge this small amount in order to cover some of the costs and on the other hand to make sure everyone that joins us is serious about his or her goals. We don't want tire kickers in our task force.

5. Are you qualified to run such a club?

For those that are already members of TGF knows that we are making money since 2006 (and we did well in the 2007 - 2009 global recession). Also with my colleagues, we are running companies for many years that do well and our partners trust us with their businesses. 

If you are interested in our Global Business Task Force vote in the poll.

Have questions? Let me know.

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It is always promising to communicate with those who have great experience and can share their knowledge with you. And it does not depend on the sphere, because many business spheres have similar features that can be used to achieve success. 

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