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[Article] Top 10 Worst Financial Crises…till now


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A financial crisis is one of the most dreaded buzzwords which is heard or read around the world. Either an economy is facing a recession or even a financial crisis or there is a fear that it may be headed towards one, depending on the several macroeconomic indicators.

Let us look at top 10  worst global financial crisis the world has faced so far:

#1. The Tulip Mania of 1634

#3. The Panic of 1797

#5. The great depression 1929

#7. The oil crisis of 1973

#8. The Asian Financial Crisis of 1997

#10. Great Recession of 2007 – 2008

#11. The Mother of All Recessions – 2020 [Bonus 😲]

Read the full article here: https://ten.info/worst-financial-crises/

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Financial crisis is the most dangerous thing ever that normally threaeten the global market whenever it occurs. Most businesses normally collapse and may take a long duration to come back to normal. Some even rich a level beyond recovery. The worst financial crisis that affected many nations for a long time, was the oil production crisis.

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