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[Article] 14 Businesses That Thrive in the 2020 Recession

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In times of the low economy, being in business will, of course, worry you with your profits and sales, but being employed for someone would equally worry you in terms of job security and remunerations.


According to UniCredit specialists, the world is heading to a deep recession. So deep that they say in a report, you can check here, that “The mother of all recessions has arrived”.

They expect the bulk of containment measures in the US and Europe to last through June and the global GDP to fall by about 6%. In the US, the economy will likely shrink by 10-11% this year and in the eurozone GDP may contract by about 13% in 2020. Speaking about the UK, there is also a shrink of GDP by 10-11%.

For comparison, the global GDP contracted by 4.2% between Q4 2007 and Q2 2009.

Businesses That Thrive in Recession

While studying about recession, one question tickles all of our minds that does the recession affect every business?

Most of us think yes is the answer because we tend to witness a downfall in almost all major industries include real estate, construction, jewellery, textile, agriculture, etc. but to keep your calm, there are a handful of business lines which not only sustain but even flourish during the times of recession, while it is struggling darkness for the rest of them.

So if you are not one of them who laugh off the fear of recession until it strikes them, rather you are the one who wants to recession-proof your business, then here is an easy list of business options for you which have shown upwards graphs even the economies were low.

1. Digital Industry

Read the full article here: https://monetize.info/businesses-that-thrive-in-recession/

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This is a vivid example of the fact that even in a crisis situation, you can find ways to earn and bring your business to the top. The main thing is that you have the necessary knowledge and a clear business plan that you will follow under all circumstances. 

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That is why it is so important to look ahead and think about what you will do if the situation changes, I mean the economic situation. And in general, you have to develop in different directions, you never know what will happen tomorrow. 

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Recessions are hard times. Many people are economically suffering, and even more worried that they too may. But a recession may literally be an opportunity for a small group of professionals to grow and develop.

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