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Difference Between A Soft Fork And A Hard Fork In Blockchain

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In cryptocurrency, the most important element which is must for every crypto enthusiast is blockchain. Now while discussing this term, it does include essential terms like nodes, divergence, and so many other terms. Blockchain is popularly understood to be a digital ledger system, where the functioning of major cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, takes place. But there is one more term which is essential to know is forking. It will clear your idea about the difference between a soft fork and a hard fork. But before we proceed to know about the difference between these two, it is essential to understand the term forking. 

Explaining Forking

By forking, we mean a situation, where technical updating of own codes becomes the need of cryptocurrency project. Now the application of these updates can vary to the project backend with no service change. Or contrary to it, the scope of the original project might get changed fundamentally. In forking, there is always a temporary or permanent divergence in blockchain. In other words, we can understand forking as a split of blockchain in two branches. It results in changes in software and consensus algorithm. This nature of changes brings two new categories – soft fork and a hard fork.


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