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I'm not admin !!!


Investment Plans: 1% Daily for 100 Days (Principal Return), 1.25% Daily for 80 Days (Principal Return), 1.5% Daily for 67 Days (Principal Return), 1.75% Daily for 57 Days (Principal Return), 2% Daily for 50 Days (Principal Return), 2.5% Daily for 40 Days (Principal Return) & 3% Daily for 33 Days (Principal Return)

Min Spend - $35

Min Withdrawal - No Limit in Beta Testing Stage

Payment Processors - BitCoin, LiteCoin & Ethereum

Referral Commission - 5 Levels - 10%, 4%, 3%, 2% & 1%

UT Points - 5 Levels - 10% on every level

Withdrawal Type - Instant

About Us:

This is a new platform in Beta Test phase.

I really appreciate the design and development behind it, as many experts will know by taking a look at it, there is a lot of work that took months behind it, it is not the classic goldcoders script and it's designed to work for a long time

About us page is not updated in the website and will be open as soon as the project completes Beta Test and Fully Launched

Plans Details:

Green Card: 1% Daily for 100 Days (Principal Return)

Minimum Deposit: 0.0055 BTC, 0.45 ETH, 0.8 LTC
Maximum Deposit: No Limit

8% Daily For 19 Days
Minimum Deposit: 0.011 BTC, 0.22 ETH, 1.06 LTC
Maximum Deposit: No Limit

9% Daily For 19 Days
Minimum Deposit: 0.029 BTC, 1.12 ETH, 4 LTC
Maximum Deposit: No Limit

10% Daily For 19 Days
Minimum Deposit: 0.057 BTC, 2.24 ETH, 8 LTC
Maximum Deposit: No Limit

Silver Card: 2% Daily for 50 Days (Principal Return)
Minimum Deposit: 0.11 BTC, 4.48 ETH, 16 LTC
Maximum Deposit: No Limit

Gold Card: 2.5% Daily for 40 Days (Principal Return)
Minimum Deposit: 0.29 BTC, 11.18 ETH, 40 LTC
Maximum Deposit: No Limit

Black Card: 3% Daily for 33 Days (Principal Return)
Minimum Deposit: 0.57 BTC, 22.4 ETH, 80 LTC
Maximum Deposit: No Limit

My Review:

I joined a new Long Term Program. I saw this project is on beta stage and started just yesterday. There are various packages which includes you buying a "Card". These cards give us 1% daily to 3% daily for 33 to 100 days. The rate of interest, investment term depends on the amount of your investment. These packages have a fixed purchase price and you can buy as many of them as you wish to. The "Green Card" which is the smallest card is availlable for 0.0055 BTC and the biggest card which is the "Black Card" is available for 0.57 BTC. The project accepts BitCoin, LiteCoin & Ethereum as of now. You should know that the company doesn't process withdrawal on weekends, you can get your withdrawals paid only during weekdays. 

To purchase a card which is an investment card with a certain rate of interest and works for a number of days you have to fund your wallet first. Go to "My Wallet" and do the needful. On receiving 4 confirmations from the blockchain network the amount is added in your dashboard wallet. This can then be used to purchase a card. Make sure to understand that "it is necessary to make a transfer in one payment so the transaction exactly matches your declared amount" while funding your dashboard wallet. I myself have purchased a "Silver Card" which costs 0.11 BTC and without a booster for now as its the beta stage. Will update you about my future decisions in this matter.

You can also accelerate your daily earnings even after buying a card which provides you a fixed percentage for a certain number of days. This acceleration is called a "Booster". There are three types of acceleration, first one accelerates your daily interest rate to 25%, second booster accelerates by 50% and the third booster accelerates by 75%. 

The booster is explained below with an example for better understanding:
(For instance you buy a Green Card which pays you 1% daily for 100 days and principal return on the end of the term. This plan gives you 100% net profits in 100 days and principal return)
With a 25% Booster you will gain 1.25% (1% * 125% = 1.25%) daily and the investment term will go down to 80 days as  you reach 100% net profits in 80 days rather than 100 days, you save 20 days and your plan finishes earlier.
Similarly, with a 50% Booster you will gain 1.5% Daily (1% * 150% = 1.5%) and your investment term goes down to 67 days
With a 75% booster you receive 1.75% Daily (1% * 175% = 1.75%) and your investment term goes down to 57 days
Each booster has their own cost, you can check them out at the "Card Shop" tab in your dashboard. I hope you understood the booster packages, if in need of any guidance feel free to send me a personal message.

The company has a special offer for the beta stage where users can buy certain packages, these packages include cards at a discounted price which is a good promotional offer for the early members. These are called "Welcome Packages". It maybe around during full launch as well but not certain, it depends on the Admin.

Referral commissions are set at 5 levels where you gain 10% on Level 1, 4% on Level 2, 3% on Level 3, 2% on Level 4 and 1% on Level 5. You get the referral commissions in "Referral points" which is credited instantly your referral add funds in their dashboard wallet. There are "UT Points" as well which you gain when you referral buy a certain Card. These UT Points are 5 Levels as well and are set at 10% on every level. These UT Points have a certain value. 100 points on UT points gives you a card. Each card have their own UT Points and it depends on which card your referrals buys. 100 UT points via purchased Green cards will only give you a free Green Card and similarly with others cards as well. This is a very innovative part of the program indeed and I like it.

The Card details (Investment packages) I will mention here below as it can be tricky for new comers to understand:

Green Card: 1% Daily for 100 Days (Principal Return)
Yellow Card: 1.25% Daily for 80 Days (Principal Return)
Red Card: 1.5% Daily for 67 Days (Principal Return)
Bronze Card: 1.75% Daily for 57 Days (Principal Return)
Silver Card: 2% Daily for 50 Days (Principal Return)
Gold Card: 2.5% Daily for 40 Days (Principal Return)
Black Card: 3% Daily for 33 Days (Principal Return)

Project looks solid and long term as well so let's earn some profits here 

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I saw this project had a different script and an entirely different concept than the usual projects we invest in
I decided to buy a Silver card and invested a sum of 0.11 Btc in doing so
I will soon buy more cards as well and update, do read my channel review for better understanding about the project
I was also paid my withdrawal really fast, works well :)

NEW Deposit batch -

0.11 BTC
2020-03-28 20:15

Payment batch - 

0.006765 BTC
2020-04-02 13:53

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This program is a long term program and still in beta stage
We should consider yourself lucky to be earning in a beta program and it pays really fast guys
My big investment in here is proving to be the right choice 🙂

Payment batch - 

0.006534 BTC
2020-04-05 13:01

0.006402 BTC
2020-04-07 20:5

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