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The term Blockchain and Cryptocurrency are the buzzwords in the field of technology and Economics. Unlike before, people are aware of cryptocurrencies and all investment options. 

Out of many investment options available in the crypto market, Security Tokens Offering is seen as a reliable and lucrative opportunity for both investors and the company which sells tokens to raise funds.

Now, you may want to create a security token for your business venture and trade it in the exchanges for fundraising, but wondering where to find an expert STO development solution providers, contact Blockchain App Factory now. They can help you with A to Z in STO development for your business. 

Consider, you have your tokens ready to trade-off in the market, the next step is to market your security tokens in the STO exchanges to reach out to all potential investors.

When you are developing your security tokens, one has to understand that marketing your STO is as important as developing it. 

When you reach out to Blockchain App Factory, you are not just assured with STO development services, you can avail of 360-degree STO marketing services for your STO services

Here is the list Security Token Marketing Services offered: 

  1. Owner’s Manual Audit 

  2. Branding

  3. Reputation Management

  4. Influencer Marketing

  5.  Content Curation 

  6. E-mail Marketing 

  7. Social Media Management

  8. Press Release and much more. 

Don’t wait. Schedule your call to find our STO marketing strategy. Visit our site: https://www.blockchainappfactory.com/ 

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