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How do I know which one is the best forex broker?

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First - always start with the platform of choice and features/add-ons/EAs that you’ll be using.
This should narrow down the number of brokerage agencies a bit.
Once that’s clear - time to look at the broker.
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  1. Regulated - Must be regulated with at least one big regulator. Always check with the regulator if that broker is indeed regulated or is just registered.
  2. Spreads, fees and commissions (contract specifications) - depending on the type of trading strategy this (spreads) might not be a factor for some.
  3. Account specifications - types of accounts, how to fund it, minimum amounts for funding and withdrawals and timeframes required for the transactions to go through. Also, the different ways you can fund and withdraw are important (bank transfer, card payments, payment providers like Skrill, for example)
  4. Order execution - DMA/STP is essential but these days every broker will claim that and it’s a bit tricky to pin down until you’ve actually started a live account. One thing that you can do to determine if the broker is a genuine DMA/STP provider is to ask for a post-trade report (also called post-trade transparency report) - if they can provide you with such a report you can then see for yourself if the execution times are delayed at any point of the process.
    Again, it’s almost impossible to verify this point without a funded live trading account!
  5. No Dealing Desk - The market is hard enough to navigate without having to trade against your broker. This one is kind of explained in the point above.
  6. Negative balance protection - self-explanatory
  7. Online reviews and community feedback for the broker - want to take some time to research what your friends, colleagues and the internet in general and trading communities have to say about this particular broker.
  8. The broker has been operating for at least 5 years.
  9. Is Automated/Algorithmic and High-Frequency Trading (HFT) allowed - if not this could be a signal for internal issues and system/platform problems within the broker’s structure and potential trading and security vulnerabilities. If a broker’s systems can’t handle a high volume of trades that means his servers and systems are not good enough and thus may become an issue for all traders using his services.
    10 Last but not least - Support response speed and knowledgeability. - You want a broker who has the support desk that will get involved with your issues and requests as fast as possible.
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Forex traders mostly depend on their credible broker because broker provides us necessary trading services. But today most of the brokers found to scam. To avoid the scam brokers it is important to find out the regulated broker. Forex4you is a highly regulated broker and they ensure 100% guaranteed security to all their clients’ funds. As a client of this broker I feel very safe and I am really satisfied with their customer services also.

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Forex Broker helps traders to execute their trade easily and smoothly. Traders need to choose the broker wisely. By choosing wrong broker While I trade in the market I rely on TP Global FX. This broker has tight spreads, unblemished execution, dynamic leverage and ease of trading facilities than any other broker in the forex market. Anyone can easily trade with the help of this broker.

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Now, everything is become online, especially Forex trading. Now you can join FreshForex and start your online forex trading. FreshForex has the fastest server so you don't need to worry about your trading activity. Let's open an account with FreshForex and get your first profit.

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broker selection must be able to be considered properly, this is needed and needed so that traders can become better and can get more leverage in getting the security and comfort of trading in accordance with expectations and can become a trader of the month Tickmill.

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