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XRP's brutal bearish regime ends; price to soar 4 to 10% soon


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XRP's price in the last week has been nothing but bearish. The price went from $0.269 to $0.222, a 17% drop in 4 days, followed by sideways price action. Although a 17% drop was on the extreme end of the spectrum and unlikely, it occurred.

As stated in a previous article,
"A drop of 5% would take XRP to $0.2574, 10% to $0.2460 and 15% would put XRP at $0.2317. A 15% drop is on the extreme end of the spectrum, so it is unlikely to happen."For now, the price is trading at $0.23 a small recovery after hitting $0.22. However, this surge looks unsure and hence there could be more of the sideways price action.


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