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The payment received. Thanks) 04.03.20 08:35    Account    Receive    +1.01    Received Payment 1.01 USD from account U20628430 to account U20220927.  Batch: 309632222. Memo: API Payment. alysd

The amount of 4.27 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U20628430->U***. Memo: API Payment. alysdax.com.. Date: 11:34 23.04.20. Batch: 311811243

New alysdax.com Reveiw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yOyvykUVhvQ

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In the presentation you will find the most complete information about the AlysDax project, including the new AlysMoney and AlysBank tools: basic principles of working with investments, an investment calculator and the calculation of planned income for a specific portfolio. Also in the presentation there is a description of the updated marketing program of the project and all the bonuses available to participants and leaders of the project.


You can download PDF files on our website at the following links: https://alysdax.com/news/news-67/ 



AlysDax created ALYS BANK and ALYS MONEY with stable rate of 1$. 

Check now (https://alysdax.com/)!


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The amount of 20.18 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U20628430->U******. Memo: API Payment. alysdax.com.. Date: 09:47 29.05.20. Batch: 316504021.

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Indonesian AlysDax leaders daily meetings! 

Thousands of new clients join AlysDax daily. 

AlysDax is an innovative platform which is created to bring mutual profit for cryptocurrency holders and traders! 

We have just updated our referral program to make it more profitable! 

photo-2020-05-29-22-05-41.jpg photo-2020-05-29-22-05-37.jpg photo-2020-05-29-22-05-34.jpg photo-2020-05-29-22-05-29.jpg

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30.05.20 07:02
Received Payment 10.31 USD from account U20628430 to account U12829299. Batch: 316621408. Memo: API Payment. alysdax.com.
Bogor Team AlysDax table talk! 
photo-2020-05-30-21-10-23.jpg photo-2020-05-30-21-10-19.jpg photo-2020-05-30-21-10-14.jpg photo-2020-05-30-21-10-10.jpg
Just finished the meeting with leaders and the team! 
Join AlysDax (https://alysdax.com/) global community and earn up to 80 000$ per month. 
How? Read in the previous post on our news channel!

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How much can you earn with AlysDax?


100$ daily, 300$ daily, 1000 $? How? 

Do you need to invest? I will tell you all the hints. 


1. Invest 3000$ in ALYS MONEY for 90 days. You will get 6510$ at the end of portfolio term. Which is 80$ daily 

2. This deposit gives you chance to upgrade your status to MP3 and get increased referral commission. If every day your partners open at least 1 portfolio for 1000$ you get 30$ daily. 

3. Your partner will also get daily profit and you get % of this amount also daily. 

For example you have 50000 $ team turnover. Your partners receive 1.3% per day and you receive 10$ daily. 


So total your daily income is 120$.


And what if you are a big leader with 1 Million USD turnover? Than your daily incomes is 120$ x 20 which is 2400$ daily. 

80 000$ per month and 960 000 $ per year. 

That is a usual income of our Top leader.

 Join AlysDax today (https://alysdax.com/)!

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