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Cues for an authentic security token development

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To begin with, STO- Security Token Offering is a popularly trending fundraising mechanism among budding entrepreneurs for their start-ups. The process takes place with them being issued coins/tokens, which they sell to potential investors to raise capital for their business. As mentioned earlier, STO’s are one of the popularly trending mechanisms because it involves regulatory factors involved, which provides assurance for safety and sustainability for the business people. Only legitimate security tokens can make rounds in the market among investors. 


Now, if you want to develop your own authentic security tokens, you need to know the must-integrations, to stand out from and survive through the widely evolving competitors. Let’s find out what those are! 


Key features - Security token development


  • Legal compliance


  • Multi-currency secure wallets


  • Global access


  • Investor fundraising dashboard


  • Multi-Language support


  • Automated KYC/AML


  • Powerful matching engines


  • Blockchain and smart contracts integration


  • Liquidity integration


  • Fund management, transaction records


  • Payment gateway 


  • Enhanced security


We just saw the most essential features to be integrated with your STO platform. To attain such a platform, that is robust and feature-rich, the best option is to reach out to a security token development company! One of the most experienced security token development companies currently existing in the market is the Blockchain App Factory! Their experts will provide reliable services and cost-effective solutions that will drive potential investors towards your project! Get in touch with them, to know more! 

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