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How important is the ratio between followed and nofollowed links?

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Honestly, I don't believe there's a threshold here, but too much of one or the other probably looks unnatural. Regardless, I don't believe that the search engines use this as an algorithm factor. Simply think of it in terms of diversity and brand factors. If you only have followed links, this means you've never posted a blog comment, been featured on a news site or more established directories, received a link from Wikipedia or other high-quality article sites, etc. That wouldn't be very natural and I'd see it as a sign that the site is overly optimized. I very rarely look at this ratio myself.

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There is no ratio defined for dofollow and nofollow links. The only thing is that if you get link on dofollow blog then you will benefited by link juice and if you get link on nofollow blog then you are not going to get link juice.

The main thing is that a site that has tons of do-follow links but no no-follow will not look natural in Google's eyes. It's important to have no-follow links in your profile to keep it natural. Also, many no-follow links will still help you by attracting good traffic.


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The primary importance is earning organic (natural) links to your site. Both follow and nofollow links are a natural part of the web. If you focus on earning legitimate links to your site, you have nothing to worry about. Whatever the ratio works out as, so be it. 

If you engage in manipulative link building practices, then you have to constantly worry about being discovered and penalized. The ratio of follow vs nofollow link is one of many metrics a search engine can examine as a possible flag for guideline violations.

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