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Earn Bitcoins On Autopilot + Passive Earnings Method

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**** UPDATED POST ****

These are several reasons why I like this site:



  • It's not a PTC site. It's essentially a gambling site. But you can earn free bitcoins every hour with a simple strategy.
  • Almost no ads on the site. But I suggest turning off any adblocker when you login and use it.
  • Highest paying Bitcoin faucet. From 3.000 to 5.000 satoshis DAILY.
  • Legit site paying since 2014. Only with a minimum threshold of 30.000 satoshis to withdraw.
  • Only 1 account per IP. BUT you can open any account without the risk of banning in any UNIQUE IP you have, that is, VPN's (not shared), Proxy's (not shared), or VPS.
  • Don't open/use accounts on shared IP. To open/use multiple accounts just use another email and a different withdrawal address.
  • If you gamble in the site and wager 50.000 satoshis or more, the captcha roll could disappear from a long time or even forever!
  • Here I share my method to earn bitcoin on autopilot, whatever the captcha roll has disappeared or not in your account.

Full info + Autopilot / Passive Earnings Method --->>> ENTER

Payment Proof:

Hash: https://www.blockchain.com/en/btc/tx/058c303ff00ca1ba3152d1c5b4b58118bc133b35e751c9e277f10582ad8f9aa4


Passive Earnings + Autopilot Method --->> ENTER

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