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Exchange Assets

About the project

The ExchangeAssets platform is a highly functional ( currently centralized ) system that is unique in its kind. The concept of ExchangeAssets is based on the idea of combining different services on a single platform, services that are usually not integrable. For example, a cryptocurrency exchange with a referral exchange or InvestBox with paid surfing, etc ...


Launch date –2017-03-15

Platform Services

The Asset Exchange platform does not combine many different services, among them:
1) exchange of cryptocurrencies, tokens, shares of assets;


2) exchange of referrals;

Exchange of active (live) referrals (registered without referrals) and exchange "attracted" referrals (registered by referral link). For search and sale, only financial and statistical data are available, as well as indicative calculations of income and payback. Referral can each registered active user of the site

More about the referrals exchange

3) investments in InvestBox;

From 12/11/2019 investing in InvestBox coins / tokens / assets as a result of opening orders on the exchange. For initial dividends, it is necessary to have open orders on the exchange in a coin / token / asset, in the amount equivalent to from 3 to 100 US dollars, calculated at the current rate. The balance above 100 EUSD is not taken into account when calculating dividends. Dividends are accrued in those coins / tokens / assets that are invested in the appropriate sections in the Reinvest section - on main and / or advertising accounts. Investments in InvestBox are perpetual, invested funds can be returned back to the main account at any time, in the My Orders section.

Read more here

4) investments in shares of ExchangeAssets;

Any of the users of ExchangeAssets can become a shareholder of this project with subsequent payment of dividends from the income of the project, by acquiring S1 shares of the project.

Read more here

5) investments in shares of deposits;

Using the funds we pay, our deposits with banks, as well as a percentage of bank deposits, we use to pay dividends on d15 shares

Read more about shares

6) earnings on click throughs ;

Read more here

7) earnings on surfing and crane;
[citation needed] The site is dedicated to the fact that in the end he started making money (bitcoins). An advertiser pays to view the site. [/Quote]
Read more here

😎 advertising for contextual ads;
9) advertising banners 728x90;
10) renewal system PREMIUM and VIP statuses;
11) various games;

Each user has his own page on the social network, and there are full financial statistics, including referrals

Referral program

https://i.ibb.co/x1Rfd7X/Screenshot-86.png [/IMG]

Payouts: manual
Payment systems: erfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin, Ethereum, BitcoinCash, Dash, Litecoin and others ...
In total, the exchange listing has 38 coins

View the project

Deposit -

01.20.20 10:31 Account Transfer -50.00 Sent Payment: 50.00 USD to account U14828259 from U17755**. Batch: 298983037. Memo: Shopping Cart Payment.

01.20.20 09:45 Account Transfer -50.00 Sent Payment: 50.00 USD to account U14828259 from U17755***. Batch: 298976509. Memo: Shopping Cart Payment. 

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