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    • By jerry Morgan
      Do your products have beautiful cardboard boxes, but the ratio of the sale is not high? You must be thinking there is something wrong with the packaging of the product or the product quality. But the none of them is responsible for this. Whatever the product box looks like, POP or the point of the display can boost your sale. There is multiple POP, such as stickers, buttons, ten cards, and posters, but if you take the closer look, they all are repacked and dumps. To find out about the Point of the display, and displaying the product in the right manner can boost your business.
      Is the Point of Purchase really works?
      If you want to bring the product in front of the customers, the point of purchase display is the solution. Invest your marketing amount on this display not only on cardboard boxes. You will notice the considerable boost in your sales because of the POP display. These types of shows are best for that buyer who is not a die heart fan of your brands. It is the best opportunity to introduce your items to them. Sometimes when product boxes fail to do its job counter display does that job.
      Wisely choose the position of retail countertop displays 
      Remember, it is not always true that counter display will work for your brands. Sometimes it fails like the cardboard boxes of the product. As per the studies, massive display counters places in a noticeable location in the supermarket have been seen to boost the sale of the product by 64 folds. Your product never makes that much outcome when lying on the shelves of the supermarket. It would be best if you put effort into bringing the customer to the shelves because multiple options are available to them in the market. The custom cardboard display stands make the customer walk to the shelves.
      Is counter display works for your brand?
      There are multiple options for displaying the product to grab the buyer's attention. Amongst others, there is one most commonly used method of showing is the counter display. The other name for this is pre-packs. Because this corrugated counter display also works like the counter item. These kinds of purchase of point positions are best for the low priced articles. Do you know how it works? When a buyer is waiting in the queue at the cash register, this article might make the customer buy on impulse. This is the reason you will notice innovative display boxes at the counter. When designing the product cases for the counter, you need to work on its design and packaging. There is no need to go after the metallic display. On cash counters, custom cardboard display boxes are best because they are light in weight. But these units must be attractive enough to make up the customer's mind to buy the product.
      Cosmetic counter display
      When you are launching a new cosmetic product, then these cosmetic counter display is best. By placing custom lip balm display boxes on the counter will cause the lip balm lover to take one home with them. Putting nail polishes, lipsticks, and another cosmetic option at the cashier table is the best option to make people know about the products. These display boxes open the new window of marketing their brand to people.
      Attractive custom cardboard display stands at the entrance
      Besides the counter, there are many other positions to present your articles in the supermarket. The most appealing manner to showcase the novel item of your company is the custom cardboard display stands. Most of the leading companies customize the station like color images and designs. The example of an Oreo display stand is the best. It is the circle shape stand, which is complementing the round boxes of Oreo. The color combinations, the images are going well with the products. Here the company also works on the product boxes. They use a circle die-cut printing to complement the stand.
      They are placing this stand at the most traffic area of the supermarket to attract the customer. These cookies shaped display boxes in the place will surely make anyone but one for themselves. The color scheme designs and positioning of the case play a significant role in boosting the sale of the article.
      Is Floor Display Works?
      The other name for the floor display is a dump. Till now, the dumps are the most potent POP marketing tool. It works best when positioned in the right places. These kinds of shows work best when put in front of the supermarket because this spot guaranteed to see by several numbers of visitors.
      But the floor displaying of the article is expensive because it is made up of cardstocks. If you are making them in a smaller portion, then it is hell expensive. If the product you are selling is hot and then it is the best option for you. These types of stands are best when you are offering some promotions or limited time edition. Placing unique articles on them is the best idea.
    • By Micheal Jordan
      Cardboard boxes are used for almost all the packaging needs, from cosmetics to pharmaceutical to grocery items. It is because these boxes are strong and sturdy. Their quality, strength, and appearance are completely adjustable because of customization. It allows companies to personalize these boxes in a way that represents their product and the company in a way they like. Cardboard is adjustable and can be given unique shapes and sizes to fit every type of product efficiently to give an attractive appearance, which helps in gaining the attention and marketing of the products. It is not only customizable but sustainable and cost-effective.
      New and innovative businesses are taking over the world like a plague every day that increases the competition. The introduction of new business no doubts demand more work towards a better presentation, which makes it challenging for the already existing companies to maintain their reputation in the market.

      Moving directly to the matter of importance, Custom Cardboard Packaging gives you the best packaging solution that can boost up the profit like crazy and that too instantly. There are a lot of reasons and factors that make cardboard packaging a miraculous packaging solution in increasing the profit of the company.
      Profit depends on the quality, functionality, and cost-effectiveness of the packaging, as it is the first thing consumers see about the product. Along with these factors, the attractiveness of the product packaging contributes to elevating the image of the company, not to forget sustainability.
      Now the question arises that where can someone find such packaging that fulfills all the packaging needs and requirements.
      Cardboard Boxes!

      This is the answer to all the packaging needs and solutions you have been looking for. It does not matter if you are a reputable company or newbie; cardboard packaging is what you need to enhance the performance of your company in terms of marketing, promotions, and, most importantly, sales.

      Thanks to customization that it is possible to attain desired boxes in the shapes, sizes, and designs of your choice. Cardboard is the only packaging material that is highly compatible in every aspect;
      Shapes like round boxes, square boxes, window cut out boxes, flip open boxes, magnetic closure boxes, cylindrical boxes, presentation boxes, display boxes, and any other odd shapes that enhance the appearance of the product. Shapes give a lot of ideas about the product and also about the size, which makes it easy for the customers to make their purchase.
      Building Brand Image
      Cardboard can easily be printed in any color, patterns, prints, images, illustrations, and animation or custom logos and name of the company. Personalized graphics help in creating a stronger relationship between the customers and the company. Unlike regular boxes, you can use the designs that are close to customers’ hearts and are in the best interest of the company. People out their blind trust in a company depending on the packaging and custom designs make it easy for the customers to connect to the product, and the company on a deeper level that feasible contributes to more sales.
      Low quality and non-durable packaging cause a lot of damage to the products as they pass through the process of shipping and handling at the retailer. Cardboard is the strongest material that can also be enhanced according to the nature of the product to reduce the damage and save money on returns and breakage.
      Reduce Expenses
      Profit depends on not only the sales but also the type of material that you are using for the packaging of your products. Custom cardboard boxes wholesale gives the cheapest packaging to the companies. It is not because they are any less in quality but because of a huge number of items in a single lot.
      Another important feature is that cardboard id very light in weight that saves a significant amount of money on shipping and storing. Shipping companies charge customers according to the weight of the parcel and not the size. You can always save your bucks on shipping that can go in the profit of the company.
      Sustainability has been the hottest trend for a few years as on-Eco-friendly packaging has caused a lot of damage to the environment. Environmental packaging contributes to creating a responsible image of the product and the brand in the market that leads to increased sales. Consumers are switching towards the brands that use sustainable packaging for their products. Cardboard provides 101% environmentally friendly packaging in the most attractive and captivating manner.
      There is no material that could provide such benefits to the company and that too at economical, most affordable rates. Paperboard packaging will never fail to increase sales and creating a professional image of the brand. Custom packaging not only gives an aesthetic appeal to the boxes but also helps in the marketing of the brand without any additional effort.
      No matter the size of your business and the time period you have spent in the market, if you are not using custom boxes for your products, you are losing big time. Give your business the success and appreciation it deserves with these boxes.  
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