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    • By johnvalentin1966
      I'm not admin!
      Bitcoin Square .NET
      104%-123% / 2-7 days
      0.0005 BTC - 1 BTC
      Instant Payouts
    • By Sovath
      A new project from the creators of the well-known and sensational CryptoHands smart contract

      start of the project - 12.20.2019

      DoubleWay.io is simultaneously an addition for CryptoHands and an independent project in which anyone can enter and earn

      Step 1
      To register and simultaneously receive 1 level in the System, send 0.08 ETH once a month to your upline. And the first person who comes for you will send them once a month back to you. The first translation is the fact of registration. All other transfers are made at the expense of already earned funds.

      Step 2
      Log in using only the Ethereum wallet number (no password). No password is required, since your account is in a smart contract, not on the site. Therefore, your account cannot be blocked or deleted from the System even by the site administration. And your Ethereum wallet cannot be hacked or exchanged for another.

      Step 3
      There are three ways to get referrals:
      1) Attract referrals to your structure in DOUBLEWAY.
      2) Get referrals from your uplines using "overflows" (as programmed in the smart contract).
      3) Wait until the system itself picks up your free referrals.
      4) Your referrals from CRYPTOHANDS automatically become your referrals in DOUBLEWAY.

      Step 4
      Get automatic transfers from a smart contract right to your Ethereum wallet. According to the income table, at level 1, they transfer you 0.16 ETH each month, at level 2 - 0.64 ETH, and already at level 3 - 2.56 ETH. (total 8 levels, 3500 ETH profit per month, 40,000 ETH profit per year). No need to confirm transfers or order payments. Funds immediately go to your wallet.

      Step 5
      Repeat every month! You have more than 3500 ETH and 510 anonymous referrals (the figures are given as an example of the result and are not a prerequisite). What to do next? It can be repeated every month, retaining the structure. And receive every month the amount collected for all the time. AND THE LESS people remain in your structure, the BIGGER your income. Each of your Inactive and retired referrals is a “door” to all of his referrals in the same line.

      No one can block your account, stop payments, or make changes to the system, since the smart contract is uploaded to the Ethereum main network. It cannot be changed or deleted. Referrals can be invited without a site and referral links, but directly into a smart contract. Therefore, the DOUBLEWAY system exists while cryptocurrency exists, and cryptocurrency exists while the Internet exists.
    • By E-investars
      I am not an admin or an owner. The topic was created for educational purposes.

      Started: 12/26/2019
      Payouts: Automatic

      DDoS protection SSL encryption Dedicated server/IP Unique design Unique Script Description:

      =============== View / Register ===============
      Bitcoin and major cryptocurrencies and tokens Payeer Perfect Money  
      Investment plans:
      Ref-offer 9% - 3%
      Our investment:
      =============== View / Register ===============
    • By EDDIE PR

      Started: February 14, 2020

      Our company was founded in 2020 year by a team of experienced traders, among which for more than ten years they have been trading in different exchanges, including Forex. In recent years we have been studying cryptocurrencies and understood how this market works. Several events that occur daily in the world, as well as the news that people see, significantly affect trends and it is important to be able to read and understand these events to predict how the situation will develop in the future. Very often, the most seemingly insignificant news can change the entire market and change the trend in the opposite direction in a matter of minutes and we need to use this.

      Our experts analyze large volumes of information daily and work shifts 24 hours a day to keep up and not miss anything important. These methods are justified, which allows us to earn huge dividends in the cryptocurrency trade, because cryptocurrencies can increase or decrease prices by tens of percent in a few hours and we know how to benefit from market movements in any direction.

      Therefore, the investments that enter our administration work 24 hours a day and provide benefits to us and our investors every hour. While inexperienced operators trying to earn money on their own lose their capital, we win. We do not bet on any specific type of cryptocurrencies and we do not make long-term investments, we only make profits here and now, because most cryptocurrencies are very volatile, allowing you to trade and make profits every day.

      The company's specialists have developed several well thought out investment proposals and each of them will make it possible for any private investor to receive profits regardless of the size of their initial deposit. This tactic has been proven and pays off, because today many of our clients benefit from us. Join us and get passive income with the company.

      1.45% hourly for 72 hours
      Min Investment $10
      Instant payment
      Reference 1%
      PM, PY, BCT

    • By EDDIE PR
      I am not owner/admin.

      Started: January 21, 2020
      We represent a modern high-tech business, which is mainly associated with cryptocurrencies and highly productive activities in multi-currency markets. HourInc was registered in 2012. From that moment, we started offering trust management services and actively attracting investments. The teamwork and efficient business skills of HourInc provide excellent online investment services for everyone.
      Our professional team of traders and market analysts is ready to offer the best conditions for your daily earnings with reasonable requirements for your investments. All this was possible thanks to the well-established work of the technical and economic department. For several years, we have been building large cryptocurrency mining farms that are profitable 24/7, however, for the maintenance and development of new mining centers, it is necessary to increase working capital.
      Our team will work a miracle with the funds invested by you and increase them in the near future. We are ready to do it with you right now.


      1.33% hourly for 80 hours
      Minimum deposit - $10
      Payments: instant
      Referral Program -0.5% 
      Payment systems: Payeer, Perfect Money
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