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    • By Luxor12354
      Hey guys just wanted to drop this info for you all on a new cryptocurrency in development called Pi Network.

      Its rapidly growing, almost 500.000 new members in the past 1.5 months. The more time you waste by joining later the less your mining rate will be.

      The first digial currency you can mine on phone. Main mission it to make it world’s most widely used

      Follow this link https://minepi.com/luxor12354

      Download their app from the website.

      Then you have to be the member of Pi Network, for that use “luxor12354” as the invitation code.

      Without using it, you can’t join.

      Now sit behind and chill. You just have to open the app once in 24hrs and you are done.

      Be sure to be active on the app, because as early you collect the Pi tokens, the more rich you will become.

      Good luck.

      More about Pi Network [Pi is just like bitcoins]

      Pi is a new cryptocurrency for and by everyday people that you can “mine” (or earn) from your phone. While many crypto projects start from pure theory, Pi Network seeks to balance theory with human-centered design (or testing with real people to best meet their needs). The project appreciates your patience and welcomes your input as we work together to develop the products that best meet our community’s needs.Pi is dedicated to helping everyday people capture more economic value that today goes to banks, technology giants (e.g., Facebook, Amazon), and other intermediaries. 

      Pi depends on thecollective contributions of its members. If you are looking for quick money, look elsewhere.Pi’s core team is led by two Stanford PhDs and one Stanford MBA, all of whom helped build Stanford’sblockchain community. We cannot guarantee that the project will succeed. However, we do promise to

      work our hardest to make our shared dreams a reality, while maintaining the highest standards ofintegrity. You can learn more about us in “Core Team” page in the main menu of the app.

      To start earning Pi, check in every 24 hours and hit the lightning button to start mining. Once you are mining, you can boost your hourly rate by inviting trusted friends and family to join the community.

      After 3 days of mining, you can boost your earnings more by building your security circle, which contributes to the overall security of the network
    • By vinothinoru
      The rapid advancement in mobile app development has resulted in massive demand for mobile app developers. Entrepreneurs are searching every nook and cranny for skillful and reliable developers who can meet their growing business requirements.
      If you are an entrepreneur trying to find the right development team, then you are in the right place! This article explains the dos and don’ts when you attempt to hire mobile app developers.
      First, the <dos>!
      The following are some aspects to bear in mind while collaborating with a development team. 
      Make sure to have a look at the company’s portfolio. This will help you have an idea about their accomplishments. A portfolio is nothing but the representation of the company’s efficiency and experience. With the help of a portfolio, you can very easily do a SWOT analysis. To those who don’t know what SWOT is, it stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. By doing a SWOT analysis, you can decide whether the company will be suitable for the app development or not.
      ROI stands for Return On Investment. It is used to measure the gain or loss generated on an investment. There are usually three types of ROI: simple, efficiency, and risk aversion. You need to take into consideration all these types in order to evaluate efficiency.
      One of the major aims of an entrepreneur is to scale up the business so as to generate the maximum possible revenue. As the business grows, the requirements increase too. The development team should be able to cope up with this growth and deliver unmatchable services without compromising on quality.
      Any business, over the course of its existence, is bound to have ups and downs. There will be fluctuations in its performance as well as the client base. One of the major disadvantages is that these fluctuations are, in most cases, unpredictable. So, in order to survive in the industry, the development team should be able to act with spontaneity and come up with flawless solutions.
      “Don’t follow the crowd, let the crowd follow you!” Though it is important to follow the emerging trends, in order to be unique, the company should actively set the trends in the industry. This will improve the standards of the business and boost the impact factor.
      Recently, white-label solutions have been the talk of the town. Though these are very useful, what is the point in developing exactly the same product that already exists in the market? So, even if your development team tries to leverage the existing app, they should pep it up with their creativity and innovation. This helps your business  stay ahead of the cutthroat competition that exists in the industry.
      Client support
      This is another significant responsibility of the developers. They should not hesitate or procrastinate when it comes to providing the clients with support. Make sure to choose such a development company that is ready to provide 24 x 7 support to its clients.
      Cross-platform development
      Developing apps that are cross-platform compatible is useful in many ways. The development cost is reduced. The TTM (Time To Market) is shortened. The resources used are less. Whereas, in the development of native apps, you will have to invest relatively more. Besides, cross-platform compatibility improves the marketability of the app.
      Size of the team
      This is yet another very important factor. The size of the team has an influence, not only on the development cost but also on the efficiency and productivity of the team. If the project is very basic, then a small team would do. But for a challenging project, the team size should be considerably large. This makes it possible to share the workload among teammates and deliver the project within the expected duration.
      Communication and presentation
      Along with the development skills, the team should have great communication and presentation skills as well. They should be able to explain the services they offer, development cost, taxation’s, agreements, policies, etc. This helps prevent any mistakes or financial losses due to the communication gaps.
      Now, the <don’ts>!
      The following are some aspects where most of the entrepreneurs go wrong.
      Cost analysis
      As an entrepreneur, it is acceptable to have a budget. But never choose a company solely based on the cost to build a mobile app. If you compromise on the quality to lower the price, the post-launch failures might end up emptying your pockets. That is why you should never settle for anything less than your expectations. Never forget that the development cost is directly proportional to the experience of the team and the quality of the services they offer.
      The company should possess enough documentation. They should have their rules and regulations present on the paper. Besides, they need to possess the required certificates showing that they are capable and legally allowed to offer app development services. Avoid signing a deal with a company, if they do not have the necessary documents.
      Never finalize a company without knowing their policies. Also, don’t forget that company policies will differ according to the geographic location. So, avoid going by your instincts. Rather, ask for their policies. For instance, do they have a proper maintenance policy? If they don’t, then you probably might not receive support post-launch! What are their policies for the submission of the app in the app store? Do they guide you to launch the app?
      Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA)
      An NDA ensures the safety and confidentiality of your data. The development team must sign an NDA. Never ever skip this step for whatever reason you might have.
      Scheduling the launch
      Do not rush the launch in an attempt to cut down the cost or to hit the screen before your competitors. Give the team the time required to complete the project. This will help the development team avoid any errors due to haste.
      App design
      The design should not make the app content look clumsy. Avoid colors that are too bright or too dull. Incorporating the same design as the website counterpart is a big NO! The app design and layout should be mobile friendly so as to maximize user experience.
      Domain expertise
      The development team must have substantial domain expertise. Also, choose the team that is experienced in the required domain. For instance, if you want to get a mobile app developed, don’t go to a web app developer rather than a mobile app developer, just because they are developers too, and they charge less development fees. They may not be ready to solve most of the challenges that you might face along the way.
      Wrapping Up!
      This article covered almost all the pointers you need to keep in mind while hunting for a good mobile app development company. Have a word with the development team prior to the commencement of the project. You could also get a free quote. This will help you make a comparative analysis.
    • By fxfarmerashik
      Major currency pairs are actively traded in the Forex market, and they sometimes remained very active throughout the session. Both currency pairs react to events and their values to adjust when the news is released economically.
      In your capacity as Forex investors, you need to quickly access reports, news feeds, graphs and profiles, to make full use of the possibilities for you.
      When you use a Forex application on your phone, you will be able to take the opportunity presented after this news release.
      A Forex trading application is a web or a smartphone device that is used to monitor the Forex market that provides useful details for the everyday business of trading for you.
      It varies from trading platforms and news applications for a number of trading instruments, such as regular currency indicator and heat maps.
      Forex trading applications as it offers a complete drawer to easily evaluate and trade the Forex market.
      This is a great way to keep updated with key market trends, evaluating potential business opportunities directly from your fingertips.
      So you need to be careful about choosing the best Forex trading application that can make a significant contribution to your profit opportunities. In this article, you will know about Top Trading Apps for Forex Trading.
      1. Netdania Stock and Forex Trader
      The application works very easily and offers an analysis of the financial markets. Because usability, Netdania Stocks and Forex Trader are one of the highest-rated applications and most commonly used by Forex traders.
      Applications interbank rates offer up-to-date and access to real-time quotes on both stocks and commodities, such as gold and silver — more than 20,000 financial instruments.
      As a personal trading assistant, this software also advises users the right time to enter or exit the market. This application is not only easy to use but also gives you news and updates on the market in real-time.
      This application also helps you to share your investment ideas with other traders, and you can learn new ideas from them as well.
      The application comes with a very innovative cloud technology to transfer and synchronize data across devices.
      2. Trade Interceptor
      If you are searching for innovative tools for Forex trading and research then you should check out the Trade Interceptor.
      The best currency and stocks can be quickly identified and monitored by the application. It provides 14 specialized forms of graphs and 160 indicators of intelligence and drawing tools.
      This application allows you to access software analysis tools, trading data, and price alerts. It offers a quote to broadcast all of the global Forex market, Bitcoin, indexes, precious metals, and commodities.
      You can also browse the selected international news covering the Asian, European and American markets.
      This application provides a variety of tools for traders, including the ability to trade a currency pair, binary options, and commodity futures through a Forex broker preferences.
      This system offers a strategic analytical resource and trade, including nearly 100 technical chart indicators. Currently, the application is available on Android and the App Store.
      3. Bloomberg Business Mobile App
      Stay connected with financial news best with Bloomberg and supervise the financial instruments you engage in fact, this software also provides you with the tools to quickly track your investments and get updates on your portfolio to help you make the best decisions to improve financial you stand.
      Bloomberg, media, financial services, and data private company based in Midtown Manhattan, providing global business and financial news. The Bloomberg app, which is available for both Android and iOS operating systems, provides you with the latest trends in the world of finance.
      4. TD Ameritrade’s Thinkorswim Mobile
      TD Ameritrade is one of the largest and most advanced American trading platforms for stocks and shares, as well as Forex, and provides a wide range of investment products trading.
      However, Forex traders focus on recruiting help to reduce the chances of losing money where they really excel. This is done with his Thinkerswim platform, the National Futures Association, which provides introductory information on the future brokers.
      The information is presented in a way that is clear and easy to read and it really highlights the risk on your investment. Apart from this, you can also access life, streaming broadcast CNBC trading modify commands or warnings through your fingertips.
      5: Option IQ Forex
      Forex trading application offers well-known business information and efficiency and some other features that demonstrate the vitality of the trading room. Simple User Interface allows you to interact more comfortably. The most highlighted feature of the application is the negative balance protection offered by the broker.
      Additionally, the Forex trading application allows significantly lowered and a smaller spread and limousine closing position. This application is available for Android and Apple users.
      The highly adaptive application also allows trade cryptocurrency to investors. This allows flexibility and performance, in addition to providing in-depth knowledge of Forex trading.
    • By vinothinoru
      The expansion in the industry of mobile app development has been humongous. Many entrepreneurs are coming forward to invest in mobile applications as well as they realize the myriad of advantages they can avail of with the mobile apps. However, it is of first and foremost importance to choose the right app that has the potential to meet all your growing business requirements, especially in pocket-friendly prices.
      The cost of mobile app development services grossly depends upon what you expect from the app. If you need only a basic app with some basic features, then the cost will be lower than that of an app that is loaded with features. You obviously can’t expect to have a sundae at the rate of a cup of milk!
      There are several payment models based on which a mobile app development company will charge you, as follows.
      Based on your project requirements, your developers will estimate the duration of the project in hours and fix a rate per hour. In this case, you will be charged on an hourly basis. Sometimes, your developers might take into consideration all that goes into a project and based on your project requirements, will fix a rate per project. Therefore, you will be charged on a project basis. Some developers will charge you based on the possible value that the app might bring in for your organization. Similarly, there exist equity-based models and royalty-based models as well. However, these are relatively less common than the other models, as the revenue generation potential is weak in such models.
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