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Anonymous crypto-reloadable debit cards with balance insurance.


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We would like to offer the service of anonymous debit cards.

Whom is this service for? For those who care about anonymity, financial freedom and long term stability.

What is this for? Cash out bitcoin and other cryptos, pay online for goods and services, offline POS transactions.


What do we offer?

- MasterCard or VISA debit card: withdraw cash anonymously in thousands of ATMs worldwide, pay for purchases via POS terminals or on the Internet
- balance insurance of up to 500 EUR (equivalent) in case of unforeseen card blocking by the bank, if you follow the rules*
- client support 10.30 am - 6.00 pm UTC/GMT +3 hours

- instructions on loading the card with crypto


*Service rules:

- normal operation of the card + account is guaranteed within the paid period (1 year)
- maximum allowed card transactions turnover per day - 3000 EUR (specific bank's limits may apply) or equivalent (based on the exchange rates on the date of operation)
- maximum allowed monthly turnover 20 000 EUR (specific bank's limits may apply)
- the ATM cash withdrawal turnover must NOT exceed 60% of the monthly turnover
- first card transaction must be non-cash: either POS or internet transaction
- it is necessary to keep the positive balance on the telephone number attached to the card (it can be loaded instantly from the card)
- it is prohibited to use the card for illegal activity including money transmitting fraud, terrorism financing, prohibited substances and weapons trade
- access banking only via mobile banking app/browser which is installed on the smartphone which you received from us
- in case a temporary card block occurs and it is not related to breach of any of the rule - we solve this block for free without any involvement from your side
- in case a temporary card block occurs and it is related to breach of any of the rule, the administration fees will be applied


Product bundle:


- VISA/MasterCard debit card

- PIN code

- anonymous SIM card

- name and surname of the card holder

- online banking access

- android based smartphone with installed banking app - turn on the phone and start managing your account(s) and card(s) instantly

Delivery: depending on your location

- post EMS, CDEK (worldwide)
- bus - CIS countries and baltic states (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania), Poland, Germany.
- blablacar - throughout EU upon agreement
- Alpes (zone Zurich, Bern, Insbruck, MIlan, Geneve, Chamonix) - pickup at your desired point within this location


Service fee per year: depending on the desired card

Extension fee for next year: depending on the initial service fee


We are open to any questions. First contact via PM.


Thank you.

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New banks in stock.

We often receive queries regarding virtual cards. Some of the banks we offer provide that feature. We have banks which provide the possibility to have multiple virtual cards at once. In case you need virtual cards only, we can provide everything digitally, without shipping of the physical card.

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⤴️-Paid Ad- TGF does not endorse any products advertised. 🔥 Advertise here.🔥

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