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The company is called Mind-Capital and is based in Madrid, Spain. The owner is a film director, book writer, mathematician and entrepreneur. His life has been featured in the movie *Los Pelayos* and there is also a book about him. His name is Gonzalo Garcia Pelayo. Google him and you will be fascinated with his story!


The company has an open to the public office and we can visit it any time 
They are dealing with arbitrage trading and we’re able to see the transactions in real time in the back office.
The minimum amount to start is $100 in bitcoin, soon we will be able to pay with credit cards as well.

Earning is from 15–20% monthly forever or as long as you keep your money in the platform. We will be able to withdraw our deposit in 90 days if we want to, we will also be able to compound our earnings with just one click.

The minimum to withdraw is $50 and the maximum is $10,000.
Our deposit is NEVER touched by the company, we don’t earn from our referrals deposits, we earn from their earnings, that guarantees both our investments and the longevity of the business!!

We can earn up to 30% from our downline, depending on our direct sales.
This is what I call a great way to generate passive income for years to come!

Withdrawals only take a couple of minutes to arrive in our wallets and we can withdraw daily!

MindCapital - regstration

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