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I am not an admin or a project owner. . All information is taken from the project site
theme designed to educate and is not a call to action.
 Project start: 12.11.2019 (2nd season) Bonus beginners: 1KH / s Marketing: Depending on the capacity of partner program: 10% -4% -3% -2% -1% for withdrawal Payment activation: No investmentsPayment systems: PAYEER Chat. Contests. VK arbor Promotions: When buying power, there are bonus packages KH / s ABOUT THE PROJECT An innovative new generation system WITHOUT SCORES !!! We do not form a cumulative “bubble”, for example, like the same hypes and pyramids.




Stable profitability from our system is guaranteed and achieved through massive cash interventions based on the technologies of using and applying high-quality Trading, which allows us to additionally maintain a common fund of deductions for our participants.
Profit in just a minute
Instant payments without restrictions
Promotions and Bonuses for all
We do not have cash points and other restrictions
Accessibility and simplicity
Easy surfing
Multilevel Affiliate Program
Support Service [24/7]




Operation date: 25 Dec 2019 16:13
Operation ID: 913224566
Operation type: transfer
Shop: ultrodrag.space
Status: success
Debited: 51.53 $
Credited: 51.53 $


Description: ultrodrag.space - Sheeff Adam
Bill number in store: 400




Read more: http://forum.italkmoney.com/user/17717-e-investarscom/#ixzz69840M9bP

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