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365Cryp - 365cryp.top

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I am not owner or administrator. Information has been posted here only for discussion.

Start: Oct 20th, 2019

Features: DDoS protection | SSL encryption | Dedicated server/IP | Unique design | Registered company

About HYIP (machine translation):

Investment platform 365CRYP - enables investors to participate in investment processes and make a profit of 3% daily. 365CRYP is a subsidiary of the international investment holding 365CRYP, registered in the UK. The company is one of the largest investment funds in Europe. We began to develop in 2019 and daily expand our investment network in different parts of the world. The main area of ??activity is trading on crypto exchanges and forex. Thanks to many years of experience, we were able to assemble a team of 50 professional traders in both the foreign exchange and cryptocurrency markets. Using the tactics and strategy of conducting trading operations worked out over the years, our traders have learned to make a profit in any market condition. Using a competent distribution of investor funds in low, medium and highly profitable areas of investment, 365CRYP managed to achieve stable profit indicators for everyone.

Investment Plans: 3% daily termless
Principal Return: Included in %
Charging: Calendar days

Minimal Spend: 0.05 ETH
Maximal Spend: No Limit
Referral: 10%*
Withdrawal: Manual
Minimum withdrawal: 100 RUB; 0.05 ETH; 0.05 LTC; 5 XRP.

Payment systems: Ethereum | Litecoin | Payeer | Ripple | QIWI

Transaction Hash: 0x0d52118d8a258bb7d8c92eee09b8c18c98441971a88b50e3fb5c5c1d98351cc1
Timestamp: Nov-06-2019 06:31:06 PM +UTC
From: 0x7d75c4ef6afc4cd995c3207563ab3d6a63edf27c
To: 0x2f499b2177f4a8acbccade50e92242c357d4fed7
Value: 0.16295 Ether ($30.00)

Transaction Hash: 0xb987dcbadd6ddf6257f1e7772bd76d78c4946305ccbff5acfc6424c5faf6480b
Timestamp: Nov-18-2019 02:27:25 PM +UTC
From: 0x2f499b2177f4a8acbccade50e92242c357d4fed7
To: 0x7d75c4ef6afc4cd995c3207563ab3d6a63edf27c
Value: 0.05315 Ether ($9.71)

Visit Now: https://365cryp.top/

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Transaction Hash: 0x95c8d4b058975474b3954f984975e9805060b2f4a24da56c41609edc4c096d91
Timestamp: Dec-10-2019 08:20:43 PM +UTC
From: 0xa7b32f64c8d16d4e5c757a710ba413ec3778a422
To: 0x26d5b74c3641cf57ceb32629ecfa387cb098e444
Value: 0.0536 Ether ($7.76)

Date: 2019-12-10 23:16:58
ID: 905138710
Details: P1018439060 > P1050055
Amount: 58.20 RUB
Comment: Выплата с wealth-storage.org

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