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    • By inthemoneystocks
      From recent all-time highs to the lows, the stock market fell over 25% in three weeks. This is the quickest drop in history. Thursday, March 12th saw the biggest decline (over 2000 points on the Dow) since the crash of 1987. Investors are panicking and running for cover, but many are also wondering if the stock market has bottomed. There are key factors every investor needs to look for. If done correctly, the profits can be insane. 
      Investors and stock traders need to monitor fear. The higher the VIX goes, the more likely the market is nearing a bottom. In 2008, the VIX traded between 70-95. On Thursday, when the stock market had its biggest drop since the crash of ’87, the VIX went over 75.
      Control your own emotions and recognize the more fearful you feel, the more likely is the time to buy. Fear was palpable over the last few trading days. In fact, it was full out panic. Talking heads on TV were panicking, people were mobbing the the stores for hand sanitizer and food/toilet paper.
      Look at technical levels. This is insanely important. Find a major pivot on the chart, look for a bottoming tail and isolate a huge volume day. When three things like this happen on the same day and the markets are down 25% in three weeks, you likely have at least a near-term bottom.
      Start small. Markets in full panic can pierce key technical levels. The smartest investors know they won't nail the bottom to the penny so they start buying small. They know they want to accumulate a total of XX position. But they start with buying 1/3 of that or 1/2 of that. This keeps stress down and often will give the investor an overall better average.
      Go with quality names, not non profitable small caps. Stocks like American Express and Disney are down 30%+ in just weeks, these are quality stocks that should be considered versus high risk small caps that make no money. Same thing applies with Apple, Microsoft, Alphabet…ect.
      The bottom line is, while $137 billion was pulled out of the stock market last week by small investors, the right signal may have been to buy the markets. Think about it like this. Three weeks ago the stock market was at all-time highs. Investors were praying for a 3% pullback to buy. Now they have a 25% pull back and are afraid to buy. Smart money looks for quality stocks and inches into them at key technical levels. That is how a fortune is built.
      Gareth Soloway
      Chief Market Strategist
    • By Sri Bhavani Jewels
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    • By billionsinvestments
      Welcome to billions.investments LTD
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      Headquartered in London in 2020, billions.investments LTD is already becoming the Panam's fastest growing trading company. Our name is synonymous with effective and profitable trading solutions where our investors need little to no trading experience at all. With billions.investments LTD, investors choose one of our four simple investment plans, make a deposit and sit back while our experts go to work. They can withdraw their profit any time and schedule withdrawals quickly and easily through our website. If you have been looking for an easy to use investment platform, choose billions.investments LTD now and let our professionals help you choose an investment plan that meets your needs today!
    • By Goldpax
      Better money for all
      Right now, asset-backed tokens are solving many of the devaluation problems that come from other tokenization methods. This is largely due to the tangible value tied to the token and how that affects volatility and intrinsic value.
      Gold is money, and for 5,000 years, it has been used as a medium of exchange. Gold, as an asset class, has one of the richest and longest histories of all the natural assets to have been bestowed with such high value by humankind. So if we can tie the value of gold to a token, you have a unique way to protect against impending doom and enforce stability in the system.
      Just as the Internet revolutionized information flow, the blockchain will revolutionize information validation. Mass disintermediation will be the next quantum leap in human productivity. Blockchain is poised to eliminate 99% of the friction involved in transacting in real things, such as gold, silver, and other commodities, displacing all who are currently employed in those frictional processes.
      People that are calling cryptocurrency the next money and currency are missing the bigger picture. When you combine gold, which is one of the oldest forms of payment, with a technological and financial advancement like asset-backed tokens, you have the best of both worlds. Transacting on the blockchain will give gold asset-backed crypto-tokens tremendous value, in the same way that the global oil trade in US dollars gave the US dollar its throne seat for over forty years – people are forced to use it. 
      How Fiat currencies are Tied to their government’s economic performance
      If you can understand this fundamental concept, then you can understand why cryptocurrency isn’t mean to be the new “money” – it’s meant to be the new platform for money. Gold is deemed to be a tangible commodity and is one of the most persistent and durable products. 
      Some might be shocked to hear this, but the annual gold trade, including all estimated over-the-counter (OTC) transactions, is estimated to be more than $USD 22.0 Trillion as of 2016. Gold is the de facto backbone of the financial system, and it always has been. It still is the best money, because its value as money is immutable and inherited from its properties as an element. Just because it may not be easily tradeable in our current commercial climate doesn’t mean it can’t serve as money. 
      Because gold doesn’t move around, it stands to gain a lot from being transitioned onto the blockchain. One of the highest costs and concerns with gold is storage, moving it, and keeping track of it. If there is one thing in current times that could benefit from a distributed ledger and disintermediation on the scale that distributed ledger technology promises, it’s gold. The gold trading industry probably represents one of the best candidates for disruption with blockchain.
      Blockchain may serve as a facilitator and a liquidator for the gold trade by creating a gold-supported currency. And by using the Ethereum blockchain, which allows smart contracts, any contractual conditions of the currency could be easily verified. This is exactly the goal companies like Garnex are aiming for. By combining the best of both worlds – fiat currency and cryptocurrency – they intend to create a gold standard for the modern age. 
      What happens when we face extreme levels of inflation?
      The world today feels like it’s becoming more disjointed and uncertain than ever. Financial shocks and geopolitical crises are becoming more frequent, just as new technologies like blockchain hint of a more transparent future. With all these changes at play, we feel that people, organizations, and governments deserve a currency that hedges against this uncertainty. 
      A currency that will have a reliable value in times of crisis and instability. We believe that cryptocurrencies and governments can not only co-exist together but can serve to empower and make the other better and more efficient.
      One of Garnex’s top priorities is security. In order to ensure the platform is secure, its infrastructure and smart contract code have been reviewed by top security auditors and bug bounty hunters. During the process, extensive penetration testing was performed. These tests proved fruitful and Garnex was able to fix some vulnerabilities in the Garnex web API and smart contract that should lend greater confidence to their infrastructure and security.
      The role of Garnex in the real world 
      All of the above information shows the market gap that gold-supported currencies could fill, but it still needs to be explained why blockchain technology necessary for Garnex Gold Corporation’s solution.
      The top benefit of blockchain in this instance is that it enables users to hold fractional ownership of gold. The ability to hold, receive, and spend small amounts of their GLD currency makes it much more liquid and enables its use case as a medium of transfer.
      Additionally, ownership of the GLD currency allows users to transact with anyone in whatever currency they choose. Custody and control are no longer issues, and this creates a twofold effect. First, there is a much more liquid market for the currency since anyone can transact with it. Second of all, the worldwide accessibility of GLD currency allows for a greater user base and higher demand for the money. 
      If this sounds interesting, you should know that Garnex is currently running a giveaway campaign where the winner has the chance to receive 1 ounce of gold (worth approx. $1500 USD). Click here to check out the giveaway today!
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