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How does ALSC achieve digital asset payments and what are the highlights of other asset payments?

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The initial function of Almighty Safely Chain is to create a community of consensus and improve the trust system. Through information transparency, smart contract redemption, cloud nodes, distributed ALSC trading, super nodes, new currency circulation and unique smart contract set-up functions echo, cycle, balance, constitute the alSC's initial strong internal structure, its internal financial balance, community promotion, commercial docking, Value precipitation and network expansion will upend the idea behind the centralized business model. Eventually ALSC will become a network of commercial and financial cloud for use around the world. In this open network, through the joint efforts of the community, to create a new, decentralized business free cloud node.

At the same time, MR. Kornos, alSC's community leader, said that under traditional technology, equity investment transactions must go through multiple links, each of which has to increase costs, and the information is extremely opaque. The use of ALSC can provide parties to the transaction low-cost, transparent, convenient trading scheme, through decentralized and smart contract characteristics, so that peer-to-peer transactions are possible, equity investors can and end consumers direct lying, can significantly improve transaction efficiency, reduce transaction costs, and timely access to market feedback information. And with smart contracts, all fees are automatically executed according to the agreed content, without the need for too much effort and time on both sides. For example, a consumer needs to buy equity from an equity investor, he does not need to pay cash, just through the smart contract, agreed on the alSC payment conditions can be, to the agreed terms, smart contract will automatically pay the corresponding ALSC, greatly improving the efficiency of the settlement between the two sides.

The future society will be a blockchain-connected whole, as an inevitable product of blockchain technology, ALSC adopts the principle of decentralized design, to achieve a consensus on wealth, speech, innovation, network and even ideological progress; Face our unknown future and ourselves with sincere love. In this free community, everyone is its master, and the world will be truly free.

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