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Hi Friends,
All sorts of new and updated tools continue to proliferate across the software testing spectrum, with expanding options in testing automation, performance testing, mobile testing, niche testing, bug tracking and more. Given the number of options, the choice can be a bit overwhelming.

Here are popular software testing tools we recommend.

1. Selenium
2. Jenkins
3. New Relic
4. Wercker
5. GitHub
6. Text Shortcode

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There are various quality assurance tools such as quality management processes like deviations, nonconformances, and CAPA, and document and process management tools like automated collaboration, routing, escalation, electronic approval and signature capabilities, etc.

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There are various quality assurance tools such as quality management processes such as deviations, nonconferences and CAPAs, and document and process management tools for automatic collaboration, routing, enhancement, electronic approval and signature capabilities.

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