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Lukkx - Cryptocurrency Lending and Multi-Level Referral Program

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Lukki lending feature enables users to buy and hold LOT tokens in order to multiply their amount by receiving dividends. The lending period lasts for 11 months with the minimum number of tokens for lending is equivalent to $25.


Any Lukki user may transfer LOT tokens to the special account to hold them and generate monthly interest. Assets moved to such accounts are inaccessible for 11 months and generate passive income for holders. This is called Lending Package.

The interest rate of the lending package starts from 6.7% depending on the user’s rank.


A user is assigned with a rank (from Junior Member to Hero Member) depending on the number of tokens a user holds in the lending account. The more funds in the lending – the higher the rank as well as the interest rate.

The product Lukki is offering is useful and already functioning which is a comparative advantage over competitors. The user-friendly interface is another pros, as it is easy to start and attract new people without any additional trainings.

Business developers created a well-developed marketing strategy which offers fast growth potential for the team leaders. As a result, the offer is suitable for both, individuals and the whole groups.

Besides getting profit with the referral program, Lukki offers an additional passive income in the form of the platform tokens which number is limited. Such a method perfectly suits investors who just want to get a stable profit.

Lukki offers the following advantages for its partners:


There is no need to go through a long training period to attract users. Lukki makes the process of entry as convenient as possible. There is also a chance to attract people online.


On-time payments to the exchange wallet in BTC/ETH/USDT.


More than 150,000 users worldwide trust us and the top crypto exchanges use our product. Also, Lukki has thousands of press-releases, hundred thousands of backlinks.


Lukki regularly holds events, webinars, meet opinion leaders so that the product could be easily sold.


Lukki creates simple and transparent linear referral program without pitfalls, contradictory rules or any ambiguities in the system.


Lukki exchange is an officially registered company conducting legal issues for more than a year. The company has all the necessary licenses needed for financial operations.

Program’s rules

Any registered user of the Lukki Platform is able to receive earnings and bonuses due to the referral program.

Find a referral link in your dashboard and send it to your friends or subscribers. Once they register on Lukki.io and deposit funds for lending, you’ll receive 12% of investments of your direct referrals, while the referrals of the second and third lines will bring you 8% and 5% respectively. And the interest gets even bigger if you achieve new ranks! Initially, every user starts with the Newbie rank.



Every user registered on the Lukkx platform via your referral link is considered your direct referral. The Referral Bonus  is paid immediately after any of your referrals has made investments in the Lending package equivalent to or more than $25. The payout is paid in the currency, exchanged for LOT  by the referral. No hidden conditions or pitfalls!
You don’t need to have any investments  within the Lukki ecosystem to receive payouts from your referrals!

Furthermore, there is another type of bonus  for the most loyal and ambitious referrers called Token Bonus.

It’s paid in LOT and can not be withdrawn or exchanged before the expiration date of the lending package of your referral. If a referral has canceled the lending package, the LOT bonus of the referrer burns out.

The LOT Bonus can only be obtained if the user’s rank is equal to or higher than Full Member. Like Referral Bonus, Token Bonus gets bigger as the user obtains new Ranks:

LOT Bonus Spreadsheet




The user receives and can withdraw $2,850 immediately after their referrals invest (Referral Bonus), and $2,100 after referrals' lending packages end (Token Bonus).

Follow us on social media:

Website - https://lukkx.com/

Telegram - https://t.me/lukkx

Medium - https://medium.com/@lukkx

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/LukkxProject/

Join us now and get an additional bonus to your first investments! 


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Usually I don't write reviews, but Lukkx is an exception in everything. I have already told my wife and all my friends about you, I just want to shout with joy! I would never believe that investments can work. Recently I did not know anything about cryptocurrency at all. I would have known about you earlier... Thank you for everything!


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