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Greetings to users of the forum. I’d like to get you acknowledged with a new fintech venture — Nimbus. I’m not an admin or owner of this project. Nimbus is a multi-service fintech platform that deeply integrates crypto technologies into traditional economics system, combining modernity, convenience, accessibility in scale, within the traditional regulatory mechanism with security for the best user experience. Platform is built upon a modular architecture that allows to seamlessly connect various applications to its basis — MVP, which is a secure crypto currency wallet with advanced functionality. 

  • Project went into beta phase on October 15.
  • Nimbus Core supports 4 cryptocurrencies: BTC, ETH, USDT, NMBT. 

  • All the transactions are processed with zero fees, not including third-party blockchain fees. 

  • Support for all ERC-20 Tokens will be added late Autumn 2019.

Just to show a quick example of how gorgeous the system feels, I’d like to share my screenshots.



Avalon App Detailed

Currently Nimbus Core provides access to a trading instrument application — Avalon, with intention of more to follow. Avalon is a dedicated arbitrage trading algorithm that ensures swift gain on base assets, created for exclusive use at Nimbus Core by Quadum, an IT company specialized in complex B2B solutions, in accordance to partnership agreement between Nimbus and Quadum. 

Avalon App is the main emission mechanism for NMBT. Operating principle is simple as A-B-C: 

  • User provides funds to power up Avalon and gets daily rewards to his balance. The longer the funds are used, the greater the profit stream created.

  • Interest is accrued daily to main balance, each 24 hours after the initial deposit, in NMBT according to actual NMBT exchange rates at the moment. 

  • Avalon provides different income streams depending on the volume of utilized currency.



Daily Accruals

Monthly Interest




Stream #1



0.05 - 0.1 BTC

1.5 - 3 ETH


Stream #2



0.1 - 0.5 BTC

3 - 20 ETH

$1000 - $5000

Stream #3



0.5 - 3.00 BTC

20 - 100 ETH

$5000 - $30000

Stream #4



3.00 - ∞ BTC

100 - ∞ ETH

$30000 - ∞


Nimbus offer instant withdrawal option when using Avalon app. However, the partnership with Quadum is aimed for a long-time cooperation, thus set fees exist on premature withdrawals from Avalon app.  

  • Withdrawal from Avalon within 1-30 days since the date of initial deposit — 15%

  • Withdrawal from Avalon balance within 31+ days since the date of initial deposit —0%.

My deposit and payout screenshots:



The accruals are working with zero issues and I can only wish the best to Mr. Zanon and his team! If you’d like to join this venture, please use my referral link https://nimbusplatfrom.net/ref/2030E to register and start generating wealth right now!


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