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What is Google PageRank?

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Google PageRank was a calculative software which determined the relevancy of one web page based on the number of quality backlinks it contains.

In other words, PageRank views backlinks as votes, which means if Page X links to Page Y, Page Y is voted by Page X. The job of PageRank is to interpret both the page content and find relevancy. The higher is the relevancy level, greater importance is ascribed to a certain page by Google which positively affects the organic result of that web page.

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The Google PageRank is a first developed at Stanford University system as a doctoral research project by Larry Page (hence the name "PageRank"), which doctoral research of Google Inc. Mr. Page later co-founded was based on an exploration of the mathematical properties of the binding system of the World Wide Web. He has developed and defined a method that counted and described every link on the web, giving each link a vote. links with the most popular websites have more weight than the less popular sites.



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