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How to create an awesome TopGoldForum profile [TUTORIAL]

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Hello TGF members,

In this tutorial, I will show you how to make the most of your TopGoldForum profile. You will be able to get more views of your posts, links, friends on social networks and be seen as an expert in your niche.

It doesn't take more than 20 minutes to complete it. As an example, I've signed up an account for one of our editors at CyberSecurityMag


Step 1. Add a profile picture

You should add an avatar or a profile picture and a cover photo that represents you and/or your business.

Go to your profile by clicking on your username in the top left corner and then when you tap on your profile picture will see a small picture icon where you should click to add/change it.


You can upload a picture, import it from a URL if you already have it online or simply select no photo. After upload, you will be able to resize or adjust the photo to look best as a profile picture.



Step 2. Add a cover photo

By adding a cover photo you personalize more your account making it to stand up from the crowd.

Click on the Cover photo button and then on Upload photo. Select a suitable picture (no nudity, profanity or hate please) and upload it.


After that, you will be able to drag it and position it as you want. When you're happy with the result simply click Save position or Cancel if you want to start the process again.



Step 3. Fill your social media accounts

By adding your social media accounts you prove to the community you're a real person and you're serious about what are you doing.

Go to your profile and click on Social info under the Settings panel.


Here you can add your social accounts. Also, navigate to the Other tab and add your website URL or blog URL if you have one.



Step 4. Fill your profile details

Take a minute or two and fill your profile details like your date of birth, contact details, interests and about me section.

Visit your profile and click on the edit profile button. A pop-up with profile details will appear. 


Complete all the details you're confident to share. When you've finished just click Save and you're done.



Step 5. Set a signature

There are many benefits of setting up a signature. You get free backlinks every time you post something new and it's free advertising for your business.

Click on your username and then go to account settings.


In the settings panel go to Signature tab.


With a standard account, you will be able to add up to 3 lines of text and 3 links. If you want to add banners and images you should purchase a PREMIUM membership.



Step 6. Synchronize your account with Fb, Twitter

If you synchronize your account with your social profiles you will be able to sign in faster and share updates on TGF.

You can choose to update the profile picture and cover photo.



Step 7. Make an introductory post

Now that you have an awesome profile come and say hi to our community.

Go to the Introduce yourself forum and make a short introduction post about you, your passions and your goals.


Don't forget to check the post from time to time. As we have over 37000 members you will get replies and friend requests from people interested in what you're doing.



In closing...

That's all. You're a full member of Top Gold Forum now. You should like us on Facebook and follow our Twitter account to stay up to date with everything.

Questions? Let me know by making a post.

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