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Complete GPT Website Setup For You at $500 Only

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Hello my name is dbundus and I am the founder of PaidPoints.com . Having experience in this field I offer to completely set up a GPT website for anyone who wants to start making money online today just for $500 only. Most of the top GPT websites are making more than $3500 USD on daily basis. As I write this PrizeRebel has already paid out $1315 today and is not among the most popular. Most popular websites like swagbucks, probably make more than the specified amount above on daily basis. 

If you are interested in this, then email me at bobbyjonesonline@gmail.com or contact me on telegram. username: dbundus . You can also submit a support ticket on PaidPoints requesting for this service and we will help you get set up immediately. 

If do not want to start your own GPT website or you don't have the capital to start, you can also start earning from GPT websites and then save the funds to start your own from there. For example on PaidPoints, we make this easier for you by offering you up to free $20 Bonus every month.  Either way, the goal here is to help you start earning money online with others. 

Here is what you'll get for $500. 

Everything complete. Domain name, hosting, and the complete website, including  ( I also have a great short and sweet suitable domain name still available)

Offerwalls - where users can complete offers and earn points or cash.
(I also show you the networks that will approve you instantly, and help you get approved on other networks)

Tasks - your members can create tasks on your website and pay you for each task they create. your other members come and complete the task.

PTC & Traffic Exchange too included.

I will also help you set up the postbacks on the offerwalls. It's always easier to work with experienced person.

So I help you set up the website completely.

Best Regards 😊


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