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Home Automation App Development

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We provide end-to-end smart home solutions that enable automation across home appliances and smart home accessories for a convenient lifestyle. We use custom plug-in modules and AI toolkit to develop high-performance home automation systems that raise living standards with significant adoption. Our development team is skilled at building intuitive app dashboards to consistently monitor device performance with live tracking and analytics features
Home Automation App Development

We build feature-rich smart home applications to centrally manage home appliances, security systems, IoT devices, and smart home accessories. Our smart home app development services improve lifestyle with increased convenience and better control over home appliances


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    • By oodlestechnologies
      The manufacturing organization are expected to deliver a better product, quality, and services. In order to have an end-to-end transparency and service-oriented strategy, an integrated IoT approach delivers the necessary insights for the manufacturers.
      It helps them to derive any form of value via the IoT-enabled devices, sensors and other ‘things.’ It helps to monitor the production flow, manage the equipment at remote, optimize machinery, analyze and utilize the various data acquired.
      They are able to deploy the IoT technology in manufacturing plant, warehouses, supply chain extensions, global operations, and, customer sentiments.
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    • By Ryan-Smith
      The need for IoT healthcare has increased because of an aging population, expensive medical services, and outdated healthcare infrastructure. Affordable and innovative health care is a future reality. The IoT allows us to change this industry fundamentally.
      The IoT and healthcare have created incredible solutions for many pressing problems. They reduce health costs and waiting time, and make healthcare and medical checks accessible to everyone from home.
      Now let’s discuss the benefits of IoT healthcare.

      - Real-time health monitoring
      Real-time monitoring with smart health devices can save lives in the event of a medical emergency. An IoT healthcare system receives information about heart failure, asthma attack, or another malfunction. It then transfers the collected data to an emergency station.
      - Professional assistance around the world
      Smart medical devices collect and transfer important health data, including but not limited to blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen and blood sugar levels, ECGs, etc. Data stored in the cloud can be shared with doctors from any part of the world. They can look at the data from a device with the installed app to provide a specialized medical consultation and help patients regardless of their location. As a result, we get better medical services no matter where and when.
      - Reduced emergency room wait times
      By implementing the AutoBed software, Mt. Sinai Medical Center in New York City was able to slash wait time for 50% for patients in need of inpatient care. The software with smart beds tracks the bed occupancy in the hospital and provides insight into how to place patients more efficiently and use the available patient capacity to the utmost.
      Follow this article https://mlsdev.com/blog/iot-healthcare to find out more about the benefits of applying IoT in healthcare.
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