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Telegram Open Network Limited - ton.limited

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I'm not admin here!

Welcome to a more modern way to invest. Investment today is a source of income tomorrow.

TON is the ambition to launch a decentralized Web and the ambition to launch a new Ethereum. TON is a darknet with full-featured services from payments to file storage and applications, which is based on the paradigm of a distributed system without dependence on a permanent connection to the management servers. TON has achieved a transaction speed in the network equal to a few seconds. That is, brought them to a level comparable to the speed of the payment systems Visa and Mastercard, to compete with them in the global market of money transfers and payments.


150% in 96 hours
1.6% per Hour
Min - Max: 2.00$ - 80.00$

SSL Encryption

DDos Protection
Other Script
Registrar     NameCheap, Inc.
Created on 2019-09-21
Expires on 2020-09-21
Updated on 2019-09-26     

Accept: PM, Payeer, Bitcoin, Litecoin, ETH, BCH, DASH

Join here: https://ton.limited/

My deposit:

The amount of 50 USD has been withdrawn from your account.

Accounts: U4603107->U22253571. Memo: Shopping Cart Payment.
Deposit to ton.limited, user name hyiptank..
Date: 10:19 09.10.19. Batch: 283946267.

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