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Jena Lucas

Taxi Insurance Cover for Young Drivers

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Young taxi drivers have to pay more for taxi insurance. taxi insurance for such drivers is more expensive for taxi drivers with no experience. Because of the high rise of the platforms like Uber is attracting a greater number of younger drivers to opt the driving as career.

Becoming A Taxi Driver:

If you want to become a taxi driver, then it demands no qualification to meet the criteria. Generally, Insurance company London will provide you with the license of you are up to the criteria. To get the taxi driving license, you need to meet the following important criteria;

·         The individual asking for a driving license must be aged above 21 years

·         Must be legally permitted to work in the UK

·         Must have a full driving license for at least a year

·         Passed Disclosure Barring Service (DBS) check

When you get a license, all you need is an appropriate vehicle which needs to be insured correctly to transport paying passengers.

Young Taxi Drivers

Even if you have a driving experience of up to eight years, and lying below 25 years of age, even then you will be classified as a young driver. Generally, taxi insurance for the drivers who have not crossed 25 years of their age is more expensive compared to the drivers who are above the age of 25. Most of the insurance companies offer cheap insurance covers for drivers who are above 25 years of age. While there are the insurance companies that offer the insurance cover for taxis but the premiums, they offer tend to be expensive. Below we have listed some factors that need to be considered when trying to calculate your premiums;

Type of the vehicle: insurance group in which your vehicle lies based on the value of the vehicle, size of the vehicle and the engine size will have a direct impact on the insurance premium. If you choose a lower value vehicle, it will help you reduce your premium price and also lessens the running costs down.

Driving Experience: insurance companies find no substitute for experience. The number of years will be considered by the insurance company London to calculate the length of time you have been driving, your claim history, and the type of vehicle along with your age.

Area Where You’re Living: if you are living in a rural area with low crime area, you will have to pay less than if you are living and working in in the center of the city.

Your Excess: if you are having a higher excess, it will help you keep your premiums lower low. Excess is the amount which you have to pay before you make a claim.


New Badge Holders

The number of taxi drivers have increased tremendously in the past recent years. This is because the drivers can work in their free time and flexibility has fuelled this increase.

If you are thinking of becoming a taxi driver then it is essential to have the right taxi insurance to drive your taxi legally on the road. Insurers offering taxi insurance to young drivers will consider personal car driving history to give the right policy. Bear this in mind that you have to pay more if you have fewer years of experience.

It is important to shop around to get the best possible deal. Cubit-Insurance with years of experience offers you the insurance policies at affordable rates.

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