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Eliza Barry

Promotional Items Are The Most Effective Tool For Branding

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Promotional items play a very vital role in marketing the product, and the name behind the product, the brand. The most common type of promotion is sales promotion. Promotional items are either the discounted items in this, or they are the products that come with a "buy one get one free" promotions. These promotions always help to increase the sales of the products as people have to invest less for the same product that was expensive for them before or was of a higher price.

There are four basic types of promotions in the eyes of marketing;

Sales promotion
Personal selling


All of these play a very vital role in boosting up the sales and increasing the yearly revenues of the businesses, and that is the main reason for promotional items printing, to sell more.The way these promotions are a useful tool for branding is the purpose of this section. They help to increase the recognition of the brand in the eyes of the people, the impact that these promotions have on the people is massive and thus, is known as one of the essential tools of setting a marketing strategy.

More recognition

Setting up a strong reputation in the eyes of the consumers, and the overall market is the key reason behind setting up a brand, a well-reputed brand is automatically more successful in the market. Another reason why a better reputation is needed is due to the competition in the market.


Promotions or promo items printing are required in order to stand out from the rest of the brands.
There is a various number of brands who offer promo codes and people always prefer promo codes for sales and discounts of the services or the products that they are acquiring, which ensures more and more recognition from the society or the target market.

More loyalty

Creating customer retention is something that any brand would want, but making sure that they remain loyal is something that some of the brands get successful in doing. The ones who get successful in making loyal clients with better customer retention rates are the ones who follow this marketing technique of putting promotional items out there in the market.


A considerable percentage of people go for promotions for some specific brands and remain loyal to them even if they are selling without advertisements shortly. Perhaps, it is the sense of feeling special when received a gift or a promo code after shopping from a brand once which makes the one-timer, loyal for the lifetime.

More practical

Like any other form of advertising, using promotional products printing is the most cost-effective one, while building your brand name. Using the media as a source of influence is the most expensive one.


Thus, the use of promo products by the help of word of mouth is the most common and most effective one. Promo codes are mostly not given out by the businesses to every single person they have to target. People give out the promotional codes for the products to each other, which not only benefit the organization's impression on the people, but it also cut down the costs of marketing it.

The key to standing out.

Standing out from the rest is itself the result that comes through various ways of marketing. Having a different logo, a different name, and a different tagline are the necessities of standing out. The method of standing out to give a competition to your competitors is by applying this technique to gain more attraction to buy the customers. Using catchphrases that distinguish you and makes sure your brand gets noticed is the best of ways to get attention to stand out.


The most basic and easy ways of investing into standing out can be your brand's name and the logo on pens, mugs, and small toys to give out free with the main products. These printed promotional items will get the maximum audience for you. Each cup in a home will catch the attention of everyone who visits the place, a pen in a college will make sure everyone knows what brand is giving these out and the toys in kid's school too.
All these methods will ensure that the maximum number of people know that your brand exists and it itself is a handy tool for branding.


Increased sales

By generating more and more leads, these promotional products get an increase in sales. By creating more points, it is meant that more people other than the existing customers are knowing about the product. This ensures that more and more sales of the items even without the promos. For example, the free promo items sales will get an increased if more leads are generated, more points mean more audience to target which in return results in more sales for the product and ultimately more revenues for the brand.


Therefore, it is very just to say that promotional items are one of the leading cause of getting more exposure as it is a useful tool for branding.


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    • By Elsie luna
      Postcard and marketing have a vast history. They are not seen these days but hold a nostalgic place in people’s lives as it has been the most lovable and personalized way to advertise. The world has been taken over by technology and there are a lot of people who yearn for traditional forms of advertising and marketing to wax nostalgia.
      Companies can take advantage of this resurgence in the traditional way of marketing for the advertising and marketing of the company or the products. There are a lot of reasons that make these cards the most effective and efficient way to attract more clients.
      The biggest advantage of using printing postcards is that they can be customized in terms of shapes, sizes, and personalized designs that represent the company in the most effective manner.
      Shapes: There are no restrictions and limitations when it comes to custom postcards because of the most advanced die-cutting techniques that make any desired shape for the customers like square, rectangular, round, hexagonal, die-cut letters or cut-outs, any shape you can think of.
      Sizes: The bigger the better!
      With the passage of time and advancement in packaging and printing industry trends have changed drastically. It is not necessary to get the standard size for the cards as you can get the sizes that can hold all the necessary information that needs to be conveyed to the customers. 
      Designing: The latest state of the art printing techniques like inkjet printing, screen or laser printing it has become feasible for the companies to get the desired colors, custom logo, patterns, imagery, animation or illustration in high-quality printing results.
      Lamination: Quality of packaging and print media speaks for the worth of the company. Lamination is a plastic coating in glossy and matte that enhances the appearance of the product with its finest finish. Premium printed postcards give a promising image of the brand among the customers that is beneficial for the business.
      Foiling & Embossing: Metallic inking or raised inks are other amazing customization techniques that drastically magnify the outlook of the print media. These techniques are beneficial to highlight the most important details like logo, taglines, or other custom information that require customers’ attention. 
      Economical Choice:
      It is important for the business to keep the balance in the expenditure and marketing campaigns. Customized postcards are considered the cheapest way to market the brand effectively by garnering the interest of the customers and the target audience. 
      It is the most effective way of delivering the message directly into the hands of the customers. 
      The material, paper stock, used to make these cards is cheaper than any other alternative way of advertising. Postcards are sent out without the envelope that saves a lot of money for the material that is used to make the envelopes. These are light in weight that reduces the cost of storage, handling, and shipping. They are affordable as compared to, say, magazines and other promotional items that are present in the market.  The manufacturing and printing cost is lower than any other means. More information can be delivered to the customers by printing on both sides of the cards. They also save money if you print postcards online at home with the help of choosing the right design and the printer. Influence Customers:
      The aesthetic appeal of the cards is the biggest advantage to stand out in the market or among the customers, and the competition among the brands. Attractive designs postcards are more likely to be kept by the potential customers that help in reinforcement of the brand that plays an important role in visual memory.
      Generate Sales:
      Custom Postcards with brand information, the logo of the company, deals, new launches, and other brands related information are proven to generate more sales. It is easy and affordable to create an urgency to grab the attention of the customers to make a purchase in a defined period of time. Handing out postcards with custom designs keep the products and the sales on customers’ mind. 
      Target Demographic Audience: 
      Attracting clients in a specific demographic area is easy with the custom information about the country’s finest exports, its people, numerous historical landmarks, and historical buildings and significant people. These cards hold a deeper connection with the customers because of the sentimental attachment to the place and specific area.
      These cards are not only effective in attracting customers with captivating and eye-catching designs but also are lovable because of their great contribution in saving the Earth from the harmful effects of non-ecofriendly material. Paper stock is the most sustainable material that is biodegradable and recyclable.
      How to get the most affordable postcards:
      The world we live in has made everything easy to access and get hold of. Wholesale is the way to get the cheapest offers for the products in a bulk. There are a lot of companies that offer fully customized postcards in high-quality. They offer customers full freedom to choose the material, a grade of paper, designs elements, shapes, and sizes that represent the brand in the best way possible with style.
      Most important elements for postcards:
      Being the most effective and cheapest available option to market and advertise your brand it gives you an amazing opportunity to get the most benefit out of it.
      Here are a few things that could help you in making your Postcards Printing more effective in gaining or retaining the clients such as;
      Add better visuals Use the best quality or grade of the paper Keep the design brand and customer-oriented Do not go over the board with the designing if your message can be conveyed with the minimum design elements Be trendy and up to the mark Choose themes according to the occasion  Be more clear about the information or the objective of the cards There is not a chance to fail at gain loyalty of the customers with postcard marketing as they are more specific and precise than any other promotional strategy. They also are close to the heart of people and are considered more ethical than social media and other means of connecting to the customers.

    • By Eliza Barry
      It is a well-known fact that we are living in such an era in which everything is changing with time. In the early days, the only thing that matters to the customers was the quality of the items they are going to buy. But, nowadays, things have undergone radical changes over time. Now, people are inclined to have their goods in elegant and unique packing as well. This sense of uniqueness can be created with the help of custom labels. These tags are available in different color schemes and designs and can be applied to almost all types of goods to make them look more acceptable to the customers.
      Keep products in mind:
      The application of a proper label or tag has become part and parcel of almost all types of retail items or products. As different things are of different types and nature. Hence, the product labels must be prepared by keeping in mind the quality of the item or ideas on which they are going to be applied. For example, if the article belongs to the clothing industry, then tags are hanged on them with the help of colorful ribbons or beautiful twines.

      Similarly, the food industry has a tradition of applying labels by pasting on the surface of the containers. This end is met by using sticky printable sheets that can easily be applied to any type of covering, including cardboard, plastic, glass etc. When appropriate stickers are used for different kinds of products, the customers are highly impressed at first glance, and the product becomes even more important and prominent in their eyes. On the other hand, if inappropriate and unsuitable tags are utilized for the purpose, it would have no pleasing effects for the customers, and the image or reputation of the item would be diminished in their eyes.
      Specify the information:
      There has been a rapid advancement in the field of science and technology over a period of time. This advancement has revolutionized the packing and printing industry to a great extent. But it has also affected the daily lives of the individuals. In the past, they used to have ample time to analyze the details of the items in a detailed manner. But now they are too busy to do so and are always looking for such ways through which they might be able to get the details in quickly as well as efficiently. This facility can be given to the customers with the help of labels printing.

      But these tags must not be simply slapped on the surface of the encasement of the items rather useful and specific information must be printed on them that has the ability to attract the focus of the customers instantly. For example, if the thing is edible, then the consumers would be looking for the list of the ingredients, its date of manufacturing, expiry date etc. When they are provided with these crucial details by using tags or stickers, they develop a sense of confidence regarding the safety, purity and superior quality of the items and they become stand out for the buyers. Similarly, if someone is looking to buy apparel, then the type of the fabric, the proper way to wash it, its price etc.

      might be written on the stickers to make them facilitation for the users. Hence, it can be said that the tags work best if the information printed on them is according to the type of products. It can easily be understood that the space available on the containers is limited and extra information cannot be written on them. Hence, the printing of the details must be specific, and only the most essential part must be written on them. In this way, the worth of the product will raise for the consumers.
      Easily readable texts:
      It is quite sure that critical information must be written on the custom labels in order to facilitate the users. But it is always recommended to provide this information in such a pattern that it can easily be read by the buyers. Otherwise, it would cause frustration among the observers, which would be extremely harmful to the growth of the brand and for the sales of the items.

      Therefore, short and catchy lines must be preferred rather than long and complex sentences. It is distinguished from another aspect as well. It is a well-known fact that the customers are provided with a large number of options these days due to the establishment of several new and emerging companies in the market. That is why it is of utmost importance to grab the attention of the customers and impress them at first sight. They would divert away from purchasing the item if they have to go through any sort of trouble whatsoever. On the other hand, if they acquire the desired information in an effortless manner, then they would be delighted and will rank the product in a higher order.
      Wise color selection:
      With the help of the latest and high tech printing technologies, any sort of color can be utilized in the printing of the tags. Among numerous options, those themes or shades must be preferred that are according to the nature of items and the type of the business.

      It is a general thinking that the use of colorful and bright themes proves to be much more influential and useful to impress the customers rather than the application of dull, boring, simple and plain colors. But the color selection must be wise and made according to the taste of the target audience so that the value of the item might be raised in their eyes.
      Satisfy brand consciousness:
      It cannot be denied that a wave of brand consciousness is running across and affecting almost all the segments of society. The name of the brand has become more critical for the customers than the quality of the item itself.

      This name is an indication of the genuineness and originality of the products, and the customers become more confident when they saw the name of the producers written on the containers. It can be done by printing it on the stickers in a classy manner and using bold and prominent font sizes. When the favorite product of the customers becomes associated with a genuine organization, its value and worth are amplified, and it becomes to stand out in the crowd.
    • By Eliza Barry
      Suitcase boxes are Eco-friendly, stylish, trendy, and sustainable. They can be used as storage, traveling, and organizing boxes. Using old not-in-use cardboard boxes, you can make custom suitcase box at home with craft supplies in a few simple steps. Rocking it on the table as an organizing box. Or at the foot side of a bed as a storage box, the choice is yours.
      Are you tired of piling your stuff in the corner of the room or on that chair beside the table?
      We can feel the struggle of messy table or closet and the effort it takes to find one thing and not finding it at the time of need. You must be thinking of what can be done as you cannot keep adding more tables and closets in that room of yours. The embarrassment of having a cluttered room when someone arrives and give you a look of disapproval as this is the most unacceptable thing that could ever happen.
      Yes, it is by the way! To get the supplies and prepare yourself, make a fantastic custom suitcase box to get organized.

      Get the Supplies:
      To save yourself from the hassle of running here and there during work, it is essential to gather all the supplies before starting the process. The things that are required have already been lying around your house. If not, you can get the missing items from the store that are cheap and would not cost you much.
      For this project of the suitcase storage box, you will need:
      Cardboard (according to the size of the box you want)
      Glue (white glue)
      Wooden pieces (in proportion to the size of the box, for screws)
      Paper cutter
      Measuring scale
      Screw and nuts
      Paint (if you do not want to wrap)
      Wrapping paper
      Foam paintbrush (for gluing)

      Safety Measurements:
      After gathering all the supplies do the safety measurements to minimize the mess or any stains from the glue or the paint.
      Plastic sheet (spread a leaf on the floor or working area)
      Small towels (to keep the hands and stuff clean)
      Water bowl (for cleaning purposes)
      So when all the pre preparations are done, get ready to make cardboard suitcase boxes.

      Step 1.
      Measuring and cutting:
      If you can find the box exactly the size of the suitcase you want to make, then it will be perfect but if you can't, not an issue.
      Start by measuring the box and mark all parts and sides of the box that are to be cut and assembled later. You will need four equal pieces, two for the cover and two for the base. One long strip that will make the walls of the box in the height of your choice and one thick that will make the walls of the lid.

      Step 2.
      Gluing all the parts together:
      To make a strong and sturdy box that can hold a fair amount of stuff without breaking, glue two pieces of cardboard that you just cut for the base and the cover. After applying the glue, put some weight on it to secure the bond entirely.
      Take an empty box of pringle and roll the strips around it to make it flexible and easy to bend without any sharp ends.
      Now stick the strips on the base and the lid that you made earlier with the help of glue gun and let it dry by tightly taping all the parts in place.

      Step 3.
      Newspaper strength:
      To make a stronger suitcase storage trunks tear small pieces of newspaper and glue it on the whole box with white glue. It increases the power of the box to 5 five times. This step needs drying overnight to give a stronger finish.

      Step 4.
      Add screws & handles:
      To attach the lid to the box, make a shallow space in the size of the wooden pieces on which screws are going to be connected. Glue the wood pieces in the places. It will help in giving stronger attachment of the handles and locks in areas it is made for.

      Step 5.
      Paint Paint Paint:
      At this step, you have a choice between wrapping the box or painting the table.
      Paint is more preferable because of it having a long-lasting relation with wrapping paper. Wrapping paper can get spoiled quickly, and there is no big enough sheet to cover the whole box.

      If you want to go vintage use pastel colors and to keep it trendy use monochrome, bright, and vivid colors to pop the fun.
      Acrylic paints are proved to be the best for a DIY project as they dry quickly.
      Step 6.
      Decorate, be creative:
      To give them the final finish, use different things like stickers, logos, names, and laces, etc. on the box. Use of beads and crystals or anything you like on the box will make it more representable on the table or in the room.
      You can also add compartments and separators in these boxes for a more organized box. It is not necessary to glue it permanently in the box so that you can take it out or place it back according to the use at the time.

      Brown cardboard suitcase can be given a retro look by adding the stickers if you are too lazy to do more work. This is the beauty of cardboard boxes that they can be used in any way and still looks good. Suitcase gift boxes can be made in with shoe boxes and small boxes and given as presents to the loved ones. Customizing is the plus point which allows you to make it according to the need and requirement.
      Suitcase storage bags are not only to be used as organizers and storage they can be taken away on the trip to carry the small stuff with you that can be placed or used as it is. It saves a lot of time to sort things, which can be utilized in visiting more places on vacation.
      No more mess, no more looking for things like abandoned money, no more losing your favorite stuff, no more extra clothes on the study chair, and no more worries. This DIY custom suitcase box is beneficial fun and easy.
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