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EzyWealthClub (EWC)


Signup FREE And Get 500 Free Advertising Credits

EzyWealthClub is an advertising and revenue sharing club whereby members can grow their earnings by purchasing advertising AdVentures ("AVs") and earn 150% rebates on every AV purchased.

75% of all revenue generated from sales of advertising is distributed back to members in the form of weekly rebates, on the average, ranging from 10% to 20% weekly until members have received 150% on the value of their ad packs. The weekly rebates may fall out of the average range to reflect prevailing conditions

With EzyWealthClub, our goal is to help you create the income that you truly desire by earning substantial weekly profits in our ever growing Advertising and Income Building Network.

Why JOIN Ezy Wealth Club ?


* No Recruiting Required - You decide if you would like to build a downline. We do not place any requirements on our members in order to participate.

* 5 Tier Affiliate Program Included - If you decide to promote the opportunity we present, EWC pays affiliate commissions 5 levels deep - 5% Direct ref. Bonus, 3% on level 2 and 3 refs. and 2% on your 4th and 5th level referral purchases.

* You'll only have to View 50 sites weekly to earn your weekly rebate. You can surf daily or one ot two days a week, it's completely up to YOU !

* You'll earn a variable weekly rebates on your AdVentures

* You'll receive 50 Ad Credits with each AdVenture you purchase

* LOW COST OPPORTUNITY. You can get started with as little as $10.00 Per Ad Ventures and grow your income exponentially.

* We will help you create your desired income by sending you powerful information containing easy to follow wealth creation secrets, tips and tricks on a weekly basis.

Signup FREE And Get 500 Free Advertising Credits

The EWC Referral System


All members earn 15% Referral Commissions from any purchase that your referral makes from our site, 5 levels deep.

Level 1 = 5%

Level 2 = 3%

Level 3 = 3%

Level 4 = 2%

Level 5 = 2%

Simply by just referring others to our site you could Start Building a Very Nice Residual Income.

EWC is Absolutely FREE to join and Pays weekly. You just can’t beat the appeal of low-cost online advertising and a program that pays weekly.

Don't wait. Become an EWC affiliate TODAY and start securing your share of our coming global growth.

Personal Note/view:-


I've evaluated the simple system and the payout of up to 150% is reasonable and lends some power for long term sustainability. Primarily, EWC is an advertising program and must be treated as such. Any income is considered as bonus and is not guaranteed and very much dependent on advertising revenues.

The surf industry is making an awareness impact again and is appealing and drawing in the crowd of advertisers who probably have turned to high yield investment programs which recently have seen more of their deposits done a houdini act without much returns, or if any at all. I personally belief the journey with surf industry is kick-starting now and will soon see the revival of the one vibrant avenue for cheap and probably quite good and effective advertising for the advertising buck. The structure of EWC's ref com presents a rewarding opportunity for promoters - imagine what the program will be in months down the road!!

Again, be clear of your own strategy and discipline in this industry.

Signup FREE And Get 500 Free Advertising Credits


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Joined and upgraded. Did some surfing. smooth surfing.

Made upgrade via AP - noted AP, SP attract fees. No fees on LR,PM.

Here's my upgrade details. Will post when paid etc.

Payment Details

Date: 5/26/2010 7:20:31 AM

Amount Paid: $205.80 USD

Reference Number: 09B6F-463FE-90C0B

Seller Name: ezywealthclub

Seller Email:

Item Description: special: special Purchase AdVentures

Sharing without Fear or Favor.


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Received e-mail from EzyWealthClub.

Hello !

You are a proud member of EzyWealthClub! Some updates to enhance your wealth seeking experience!

We are doing well and progressing well, gaining new wealth seekers daily. Those who have been promoting are enjoying a handsome 5 tiered referral commission - this certainly is one of the ways to enhance your wealth long term! Go and promote - you will see nice income coming in!

We are here for the long term and our simple structure will not only reward you now but also months if not years down the road. Those who upgraded have seen the power in upgrading. For those who have not, you better start getting in action. A wealth seeker will take action and not wait for things to happen.

EzyWealthClub has posted its first rebate earnings.Please be reminded of our weekly operation schedule, which you can find in your members area.

To recap:-

1. Surfing week starts on Sunday and ends on Saturday midnight.

2. Sunday - revenue sharing rebates distributed (you can check your back office now to see your earnings)

3. Mondays and Tuesdays - Cashout buttons for withdrawal of rebate earnings and referral commissions enabled.

4. Wednesdays - Auto rollover of rebate earnings and referral commissions remaining in balances.

Please be guided to maximize your wealth seeking experience.

Last words......

You got a good vehicle here to advertise and earn. Creating wealth is a combination of few factors :- right timing and being presented with a right program - and most of all taking the right action. Take yours today! Upgrade and next week, you will be able to cashout like the experienced wealth seekers who have upgraded.

There is no secret in making money. Its just taking right action, at a right time, in a right program.

We are committed to enhance your wealth seeking experience.

Support Team


******************* PLEASE NOTE ****************************************

We appreciate your quest for seeking wealth and a part of EzyWealthClub.

You can change your e-mail receipts option via the members area.

You username : deleted

Your referral link : link deleted

******************* PLEASE NOTE *****************************************

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I just got AP notification!

Got first rebate payment from EzyWealthClub!!

Payment Details

Date: June 01, 2010 10:58:18 AM

Amount Sent: $14.70 USD

Sender Name: ezywealthclub

Sender Email:

Reference Number: AD962-DE59C-DED4C

Message: Cashout I.D # 2

Sharing without Fear or Favor.


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