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Ethan Jones

PINTEREST not working on Mozilla Firefox @ 888-900-0401

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PINTEREST not working on Mozilla Firefox:

Everyone has a habit of saving his favorite or best pictures while surfing the internet anywhere & for doing this task; Pinterest is very popular and best application, which is there all the time for the support of users. Sometimes the users, who use the extension or app in the Mozilla Firefox browser, complain that the Pinterest is not working or loading on their web browser.

Here in this blog we will discuss how can fix PINTEREST not working on Mozilla Firefox issue. You have to follow some verified steps that are given below & the issue can be solved without any much difficulties.

Few Steps to resolve PINTEREST not working on Mozilla Firefox:

1.       At First, you have to check whether the same issue is arising in the other Firefox browser or not. By this process, you will be sure whether the issue is connected with the Mozilla Firefox browser or with the app.

2.       Then, you should ensure that your Facebook is connected with the app Pinterest.

3.       Then next, you have to check whether the same problem occurs in the safe mode of the Firefox web browser.

4.       After that, you have to try to uninstall & then, install again the Pinterest extension in the Mozilla Firefox browser.

5.       Next, try to download & install some antivirus software on your system & scan the web browser.

6.       Then, clear the cache & remove all the cookies of the Mozilla Firefox web browser by going to its settings.

7.       Once the cache and the cookies are cleared, ensure that the JavaScript is enabled in the Mozilla Firefox web browser.

8.       The Last step is to check whether the Firefox web browser is properly updated or not.

Hopefully, these above written steps will help you to resolve the PINTEREST not working on Mozilla Firefox browser issue. In case, if you need help or expert support, then you need to make a call at Mozilla Firefox Support Number at and get the help.

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