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Affiliate Marketing Strategy From Spying on Google

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So, you want to make money by just using google...

A lot of these videos on youtube will teach you to contact clients and do facebook retargeting ads for 

That's a nice side hustle, however, you will only get paid if you do the work. 

You will be forced to commit to someone else's schedule plus, you actually have to call up your clients 
and hope they like you. 

Which can seem a bit scary for some people. Now, in this guide, i have something a bit more passive. 

You can get paid simply on autopilot if you follow these instructions, so make sure that you dont miss 
any steps and watch this whole video. 

And dont get me wrong, you will still need to put in the work for this. Making money online is not easy,
but it's definitely possible.

You can view the video version of this tutorial here: 


I actually decided to try to spy on where some of the biggest clickbank products get their traffic from. I 
couldn't find any blogs. So what i noticed that you can do instead, is to go onto the clickbank affiliate tools
and actually use the banners that are provided there. You can use these banners to search them up
on google, just simply drag the downloaded photo onto the google search bar.

What this does is it pretty much looks at all the pages on google that have that banner on their site. Now,
with that information in mind, we can go ahead and spy on how other affiliates' blogs look like, and 
perhaps model them. 


Observe these blogs as inspiration and just remake their content but even better. You don't need to make
this an active blog. Just set up the initial articles and let it sit there to bring you in income forever. 

One new website is being created every single second, therefore you must be willing to put in the work 
in order to become successful with this. Period.


This method is very simplictic. Now all that is required is a webhosting platform like bluehost, a domain 
name, and some good articles. You can use answerthepublic and keyword shitter for keyword inspiration.


I would also encourage you adding a video to the corresponding articles. You can easily make simple
videos on with a few clicks of a button using the software called contentsamurai. 

Now you will have the opportunity to rank both on google and on youtube. You should also use pinterest
if you decide to commit to a blog.


Commit to at least 30 articles. You wont see success if you don't put in the required work. So just set a 
milestone of 30 articles. Then you can move onto something else.

Do more research on this. This short guide was to simply introduce you to this concept of spying on
your competitors.

Watch income school and the lazyass stoner on youtube for great tips.


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⤴️-Paid Ad- TGF does not endorse any products advertised. 🔥 Advertise here.🔥

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