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    • By anna988
      Packaging plays a dynamic role in the sales of a product. It works as a promotional medium for a product in the market. It has the potential to grab the attention of more and more audiences towards a specific product due to its enhanced visual appeal. It also bridges the gap between the manufacturers of products and their consumers in the market. This communication is done with the help of the printing space on the surface of these containers. Marketers are always in need of new and innovative packaging designs that can help them in the advertisement process of a product. The use of custom boxes is one of the effective ways to appeal to the audience in a better way due to their enriched visuals and premium feel.

      These containers are made up of high-quality cardboard stock. They can be customized in various desired shapes and sizes due to the versatile nature of their manufacturing material. Different add-ons can be utilized to enhance the presentation of packages. These add-ons not only enhance the feel and visuals of the package but also serve as a protective and promotional medium. Here are some of the major factors to which packaging contributes to boosting the sales of a product.

      Dynamic Protection
      Protection is always one of the top priorities in the design of the encasement of any product. The fact is simple that no one wants a shattered or deformed product at any cost. The shipping of any damaged product by a brand to the doorsteps of consumers can result in the loss of trust, and can also result in loss of money due to the product recalls. By using personalized packaging, businesses can ensure the safety of stored and shipped products in an optimal manner. This style of encasement is manufactured with high-quality materials that are rigid and sturdy in nature. The stacking capacity of such materials is high, and the packaging that is produced with them can prevent any pressure and physical knocking. Moreover, different inserts and bracers can also be utilized to keep the product housed properly in the case.

      Enhanced Visuals
      The market spectrum now a day is competitive due to the presence of many brands. There are a number of alternatives available in the market for all types of commodities, and packaging is the main differentiator that makes it easier for consumers to recognize their favorite item. It has become vital to enhance the visuals of your product packaging as consumers are always attracted to the products which are appealing in nature and can grab their interest in an effective way. Marketers use personalized packaging for the purpose of enhancing the visuals as these containers can be printed in any desired color palette. Different printing options ranging from offset printing to digital printing can be obtained for this purpose. Different styles of coatings and finishes can also be used for enriching the feel of packages.
      Inform The Audience
      The packaging also serves the purpose of communication to the audience as the printing space on the cases can be utilized in a positive sense to imprint the essentials of the product on them. You can communicate the contents, the right usage process, important information related to proper protection of the product, and other sorts of pricing information that can provide the consumers with convenience. These essentials can help the consumers in selecting the right product for them, and they may prefer your product over other alternatives in the market, resulting in your sales to be high. 
      The Unboxing Experience
      The consumerism is now on the top in comparison with the past. Consumers now want not only the visuals and protection but also a proper level of brand experience while unboxing the product. Marketers can use custom boxes for their product line to provide the consumers with the desired level of experience while shopping from their brand. These containers are manufactured with high-quality materials that are premium in nature and can be customized in accordance with the exact requirements and desires. Moreover, additional features such as cut out windows and lids can be introduced to add to the experience of the consumers. This process can help you to appeal more potential majority towards your products along with retaining your current consumers to enhance the sales of your brand.
      Endorsing The Brand
      The product packaging is considered as the visual representation of a brand in the market. It can help marketers in developing and maintaining the desired brand image in the market. They can make use of custom product packaging manufactured in high-quality materials to make a better impact on the consumers. The use of custom graphics that accommodate the brand identity of their business can help in creating a better level of brand recognition in the market; it can help in enhancing the exposure to the products, directly resulting in the sales to be high. 
    • By ellifiajhon
      The innovation has become essential in this modern world. Every industry is adopting new and technical methods to produce and manufacture smart things. The packaging industry is also experiencing technical innovations. The manufacturing, printing, designing, and decoration of packing depend highly on the technology. The innovations in this industry change over time. Some of the innovations are discussed here.
      1. Zero Waste Boxes
      The packaging boxes mush has some features that can protect the packed items. With this, environment protection is also essential. The material should be in favor of the atmosphere. The manufacturing of the packing is done by using modern methods. These methods have reduced the wastage of the materials. The die-cut method is a really unique and appealing way to avoid using extra materials. You can make the custom boxes according to the size of products. It will save your material and time. The cost will also be reduced. You can make more boxes by using the die-cut method. The accurate size of the containers will not occupy extra space. Now the companies are avoiding to use plastic bags, Styrofoam packing and other materials that are not decomposed and harmful to the atmosphere. The modern technology has resolved this problem. You can purchase the eco-friendly packing material easily in the markets. 
      2. Flexible Packing for Long-Term Usage 
      The traditional cartons were hard and did not have flexibility. Now the packing is manufactured by using many kinds of stuff. They are flexible and durable as well. You can sue paper packing, corrugated boxes, and others. You can easily pack the goods of any kind. The eatables, bakery, cosmetics and other goods can easily be stored inside them. The flexible packing can be used for a long period. You can recycle them. You can store your many household products such as books, clothes, CDs, DVDs, cosmetics and tools. You can get them in many sizes. You can label them with their names and description. You can keep them in your store or shelf easily. They are lightweight and easy to carry. 
      3. Premium Packing
      Some industries and brands want luxurious and outclass packing to pack their goods. They want to compete for their rivals in the industry by pack the items in stylish and high-standard packing. Because the premium packing includes 3D and 4D printing designs, appealing wrapping, durable stuff, and die-cut shapes. The styles and appearance of the packing compel the customers to buy. They can strongly appeal to the buyers. The purchasing decision highly depends on the packing presentation. You can get premium boxes for your food, fast food, bakery products, cosmetics, and many goods. The brands believe that buyers can be easily attracted to enacting cartons. 

      4. Customized Packing & Designs
      The customized boxing is the greatest innovation of this modern time. The customers and brands can get the custom packaging of their own choices. The modern printing and designing methods have reshaped the cartons. You can select the material of your own choice. The logo, images, and text can be printed on them. You can choose the printing technique which is suitable for you. There are many methods of printing such as laser printing, digital printing and etc. you can easily get custom printed boxes at economical prices. The digital printing facilitates the customers with the latest and enacting designs. You have a splendid color scheme, graphics, and stylish text. The labels can be printed with images and special text. These all designing techniques can easily enact the buyers. You can get customized gift packing, personalized cartons, wholesale printed containers, and window bags. 

      5. Wrapping of Cartons
      The Packing is not considered enough to pack and present the products. The wrapping of the packing enriches the beauty and protection of the goods. The special butter and wrapping papers are used to wrap products inside and outside the bags. The inner papers can secure the goods. The outside wrapping paper can be designed and printed. It enhances the protection and beauty of the packing surprisingly. 
    • By JamesRoy
      Will Custom Packaging Boxes Ever Rule the World?
      Many respondents focused on the branding aspect of custom-designed packaging. Although this is important, some other important factors need to be taken into account.
      1.    Long ago people started using packaging to protect the product against harm during transit, long prior to realizing marketing and branding opportunities. Know what? So find answer of that :Will Custom packaging boxes ever rule the world?? This remains the main reason why a product is packaged. You can create a package designed to protect your product with customized packaging boxes. The packaging can vary greatly, depending on the mode of transport, the length, the atmosphere and the brand quality.
      2.    Your delivery system is a very important consideration. You will have to have a product that can stack on a pallet carefully if you are delivering pallets of goods to your customers. When you ship via UPS or FED EX, the DIMENSIONAL WEIGHT of your package should be your first consideration. UPS and FED EX used at one point to weigh their transport costs. Now the cost of delivery depends on the package size. The smaller the package can be made, the smaller it is. Working with a reputable distributor of packaging, you can find out the optimal packaging dimensions and the design will pay dividends. That’s why packaging boxes ever rule the whole world?
      The principal functions of the use of packaging boxes help to protect fragile or compact glass bottles during transport. It also displays product information through external images that can not be more relevant.

      The packaging features Different uses of the product are present: to preserve and protect the product To make the product more attractive to customers To publish the brand In order to identify the product from other brands, all these types of purposes should be known to have a good plan when creating and designing the package for their products because Custom boxes become needs of world. You should know which area of the enterprise can better channel the work and which work must be outsourced. 

    • By Robert Smith
      Packaging provides exclusive representation to products and brands in a competitive market. When it comes to the packing of bakery items, confectionery or food products first thing that came in mind is protection. Custom boxes are the source that not only provides protection to the goods but also improves their presentation. For the customer attraction and appeal towards the product, the manufacturer or confectioner has to invest in making the wrapping inspiring for the target market.
      In past wrapping was just a source to provide protection and make things easy to carry. But with time, printed boxes change the trend, and now it is an effective promotional strategy. To make the goods beautiful, it is necessary to have an informative, well-designed and descriptive packing because it provides a direct source to market brand.
      While packing or choosing the box for the cake packaging, confectioner faces different challenges. These are because the customers are demanding and looking for quality with style. Here are some challenges that can be faced in cake boxes packaging:     
      ·     Design complexities
      The cake is a loved sweet that people buy and share on special occasions. They considered a sign of presentation, love and helped to make someone special. People usually ordered or buy cakes on random events like on birthdays, anniversaries, on random celebrations, customize for weddings and exchange on holidays and events. Before having one, they show concern on the way they pack in a box. Like a small or a box with a small height lid can damage the presentation of the cake. So, it is important to go with the right box size and design for the right size of cake to deliver an exciting experience of having one.

      ·     Material choices
      When it comes to printed food boxes the material choice matters a lot. For the food product like cake, you cannot compromise on the low-quality material box. Because it can affect the quality of the product as well as make it difficult to hold and carry. As well as poor material quality can ruin the overall brand’s impression towards potential customers. So, a durable cardboard box or paper cardboard box will be an appropriate choice. It provides excellent durability as well as high-level design printing.  

      ·     Unboxing experience
      Packaging or box packing communicates with the customers. It is the brand’s first impression and delivers the unspoken brand image towards the client. Usually, the cake boxes are difficult to open due to poor quality material or due to improper layout design. It happens that while opening it ruins the impression or can damage the cake as well. As a confectioner, you have to pay focus on the unboxing of the cake box. Your box should be easy to open and able to provide ultimate pleasure to the customers on unboxing.  
      ·     Sustainability issues
      For the food items packaging, sustainability is a challenging thing. The purpose of the packing of the box is to keep things safe. Sustainable packing is the way that delivers a high-quality product and brand experience to the customer. For the bakery owner, it is necessary to work on the improvement of packaging sustainability. The right material choice with the perfect layout design helps a lot to improve sustainability.  

      ·     Brand representation
      Custom packaging boxes are a source of marketing and promotion of products. Usually, people do not pay focus on the cake packing and consider the plain color simple box. That does not contribute to represent a particular brand in a competitive market. So, if you want to build your confectionery brand, then you have to invest a little to improve representation. Your cake box should be well printed with the logo or the brand name that delivers the statement. Whether to use a one-color box or go with a different color scheme, you must have a printed logo or name. It described the brand and looks impressive.
      Today we are living in the competitive world of digital marketing. People spend not only on the product; they spend on recognition as well. So, as a manufacturer, you have to spend a little to make recognition that adds value and increases customer loyalty.     
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