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What is Chartoken? The hottest financial investment project in September 2019

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Chartoken is the name mentioned by the community and investment groups in September. However, many people are still skeptical about this project due to the web crash of the recent popular token project, Plus Token. So the Char token project is reliable to invest. Today's article, as a long-time investor, has been involved in many projects, I will help you to analyze this project.


Why did the Plus Token fail?

Plus Token is a lending project introduced mid-2018 in China. This project is committed to bringing investors high interest rates up to 30% / month. Like pre-commissioned investment projects, the Plus token gets money from the first to pay first.

In early 2019, the project claimed to have attracted more than 10 million members. By the end of June 2019, Plus Token completed the fraud, took the money and ran away and the amount of up to $ 3 billion made many investors lose money.


So what is the reason for the Plus token not being successful?

One of the main causes for the Plus token project to collapse was due to the high interest payments (10% - 30% / month) and the commission being rewarded for introducing new members.

Earlier this year, Plus Token set an ambitious goal of increasing the number of users who broke the 10 million mark in 2019 and earlier this month, the company announced it had more than 3 million registered users. Therefore, the amount of interest that Plus Tokens have to pay is really too large.

The price of PLUS coin - the internal token created by PlusToken, has been at $ 139 but hasn't had any changes since June 29, so there's no revenue stream to


What is Chartoken? Why is Chartoken the hottest project in September?

Chartoken is a financial investment project developed on Blockchain technology, aiming to both bring profits to investors and benefit the community through charitable activities.

Char token is the project's token, running on Ethereum's ERC20 platform. Char tokens do not sell ICOs or exchanges, to have Char Token need to buy investment packages to receive or introduce members, or buy through other websites, because Chartoken does not sell directly to players.

Chartoken gives you a profit of 50% - 65% of the value of the investment package, and 5% - 50% of the Char tokens through the introduction of members from F1 to F5 and can multiply 100 - 1000 times the assets by holding tokens for the first year. In addition, investors can also lend to Chartoken with a 10.2% profit per month. This interest rate will be updated daily and you can withdraw it at any time.

Some questions are interested by many investors

As a long-time player, I know what investors care about. Below, I will answer the questions I receive from many other investors.


Where does Chartoken get money to pay interest to investors?

One of the main factors for Char token to be able to pay interest to participants in the system is the principle of allocating raised capital:

  • 10% for charity activities
  • 50% discount for member introduction program
  • 30% for system development
  • 10% for Founders and Developer

As such, for every 1 member involved in the project, Char tokens still have 30% for system development activities, paid interest to staking tokens and still have revenue.

Take a simple example as follows:

TH1: A is the first investor to buy the $ 100 package and A cannot introduce anyone => A will receive 100 Char tokens. The $ 100 investment package will be allocated as follows:

10% for the Charity Program: $ 10

10% for Founders and Developer: $ 10

So Chartoken still has $ 80 left to develop the system and pay staking tokens.

If in case A withdraws 100 Char tokens (equivalent to $ 1), then the system still has $ 99

If in the case of A staking token with an interest rate of 10.2% / month, and the price of Char token increased by 10 times, after 1 year A will receive an additional $ 12.24. In the case of A staking token up to 3 years later, with $ 99, Char token is still enough to pay interest for A.

Case 2: If the buyer packages $ 100 at the F5 position, F5 will receive 100 Char tokens

  • Given the system's commission rate,
  • F4 receives 50% Char tokens: 50 Char and $ 50
  • F3 receives 30%: 30 Char tokens
  • F2 get 10%: 10 Char tokens
  • F1 receives 5%: 5 Char tokens
  • A receives 5%: 5 Char tokens

So Char tokens will have to pay A and F1- F5 $ 50 and 200 Char tokens. After deducting the money for charity and founder, the system will have $ 30 left to pay the cost.

If A to F5 withdraw 200 Char tokens (approximately $ 2) Chartoken still has $ 28 to develop the system and pay staking token interest.

Case 3: If the buyer purchases investment packages at F1, F2, F3, F4, Char tokens still have enough revenue to pay interest to investors.

If you are the initial investor, when you buy the investment package you will only receive the corresponding token. In order to receive interest from 50% - 65%, you need to introduce other players to join the project. And just introduce 2 players that you break even and 3 players that you start to profit.

Not to mention, the F1, F2, F3, F4, F5 I re-introduced successfully introduced to other investors.

If in case I withdraw all the principal and interest, Char tokens still have enough money to pay me and the other F without losses.

Some benefits of the project

  • Allow quick conversion of Char Token, BTC, ETH right on the website
  • There are no fees for depositing, withdrawing or converting
  • Fast withdrawal and withdrawal time
  • When members buy packages, your interest will be updated and withdrawed immediately
  • Staking Char interest token is updated daily with 10.2% / month
  • Opportunity to receive interest rates up to 350%
  • Staking cancellation fee is 9% if you cancel in the first month

Chartoken is a relatively new project, but with many years of experience, I think this is a reputable project worth investing.

Chartoken currently offers a program to donate 500 Char tokens to the first 10,000 customers to register for an account. Customers can stake this 500 Char tokens at an interest rate of 10.2% / month.

In addition, you can also participate in the airdrop program to receive great rewards from Chartoken.


Please perform the tasks below to earn 1500 CHAR tokens.                

Our Airdrop rules                   

1Join our Official Telegram group: https://t.me/chartoken => Mandatory +200 CHAR

2Follow our Official Twitter page https://twitter.com/ChartToken => Mandatory +200 CHAR

3Register on the official Website: https://u.chartoken.io/auth/register/UBK0123456789 => Mandatory +500 CHAR

4Follow our offical Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Chartoken-International-102433124459893/ => Optional +200 CHAR

5Follow our offical Instagram page https://www.instagram.com/charnetwork => Mandatory +200 CHAR           

6: Subscribe Telegam channel: https://t.me/charnetwork => Mandatory +100 Char token

7: Follow Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyCzW8owezMDf-SUWSsx0TQ => Mandatory + 100 Char token

8Submit ETH address

9You can get 200 CHAR for each referral.  

10Token will be distributed after IEO.                


Note: We will check all your completed tasks. Unfinished will not get any tokens.       

Chartoken would like to inform:

On October 15, 2019, Chartoken launched the crypto exchange Charex.io (http://charex.io/)

October 20, 2019. Chartoken launches cryptocurrency wallet

In October 2019, Chartoken released a traditional investment package, users can buy coins directly from the website

1. Private pre-sale

Starting: September 14 - September 21 => for developers who have participated in the airdrop campaign.

Amount: 500,000,000 char

Accepted currencies: BTC, ETH

Minimum transaction amount: 300

Maximum amount of transaction: 1,000,000 char

Price: 0.015$

2. Public pre-sale

Starting: September 22 - September 30 => For all investor

Amount: 1,000,000,000 char

Accepted currencies: BTC, ETH

Minimum transaction amount: 300

Maximum amount of transaction: 1,000,000 char

Price: 0.02$

3. Justice - sales

Start: 1/10 - 10/15 => For all players

Amount: char

Accepted currencies: BTC, ETH

Minimum transaction amount: 300

Maximum amount of transaction: 1,000,000 char

Price: 0.03$

If you have any questions, please ask at the telegram group (https://t.me/chartoken).

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