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TeachMeCash Referral program

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Friends, we are glad to introduce our unique platform for learning and earning! 

TeachMeCash is an information-analytical platform in the field of online education, and your tool for developing and becoming financial independence. 

First, let us tell you about our promos for the first leaders: 

  • A $50 bonus for everyone who registers on our platform from September 6 to October 4; 
  • Cashback: 10% for $5 000 subscriptions, 12% - for $50 000 subscriptions – only from September 6 to October 4. 

We offer: 

  • High earnings in the rapidly growing EdTech market, 
  • Convenient methods of payment and withdrawal (Bitcoin), 
  • Reliability and minimal risks - we do not promise a sharp increase in profits, but we guarantee long-term cooperation, 
  • Security - we have taken all measures to protect customer funds from hacking and thefts, 
  • A ready-made sales system – we have the referral system with ready-made promo materials and the opportunity to open your own offices, 
  • 24/7 support - we are always ready to answer your questions in our live chat, 
  • Daily workshops with the CEO and his team - follow on YouTube! 

IMPORTANT! You can register on the platform only with an invitation link. Here is an exclusive link for users.

If you want to know more about the project, visit our website!

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Are you tired of making money with your hands? With us, you can earn using your knowledge! Don't you know how?        We'll teach you! 

TeachMeCash is an EdTech information-analytical platform that pays subscribers for answers to marketing questions 

How much will you earn? 


Subscriptions differ in the frequency and volume of content, which you can see in the picture. The point is: each        purchased subscription brings you income 

  • $200 - you earn $380 a year 
  • $5 000 - you earn $10 280 a year 
  • $50 000 - you earn $112 888 a year. 

Also, you can always purchase a set of subscriptions, for example, for $800 or $54 200 - it all depends on your desire! Once you decide to purchase more subscriptions, our system will calculate the optimal set for maximum income 

Our promos for first customers 

  • A $50 bonus for everyone who registers on our platform from September 6 to October 4; 
  • Cashback: 10% for $5 000 subscriptions, 12% - for $50 000 subscriptions – only from September 6 to October 4. 

Being the first is always profitable! 


How do you earn after purchasing a subscription? 

TeachMeCash - earn money with your knowledge by answering simple questions and creating valuable statistics for the educational technology market! Our main goal is to provide everyone with the opportunity to earn with knowledge and skills. You can already use this to become more successful and richer!  

In each of our digests, you get up-to-date information about the EdTech market, and then we send you a list of short marketing questions. Thanks to your answers, our partners know what educational projects to create and monetize - that’s why they pay you money.  

Here's how our platform works: 


* Keep in mind that we do not use subscribers’ money for payouts, we have budgets allocated by partner companies that order analytics for this. 

Here you can see how payouts for answers to simple marketing questions are growing on the example of a   $5 000 subscription: 


Our MAIN advantages 

  • We do not use money from subscriptions for payments, we pay from partners' money, 
  • Subscriptions pay off on the 9th month, and the annual income is almost twice higher than the subscription price.  
  • We give you knowledge with which you can earn both on our platform and outside it.  
  • EdTech is currently the fastest growing industry in the world.  


Our referral program consists of 12 levels!  

In the table below you will find the information about the rewards for the purchases of people from each level and the period after which the funds will be available for withdrawal: 


Our career levels, conditions for their achievement and bonuses 

  1. Student: 5+ personally attracted customers who bought for $ 10,000+. 
    The total turnover of the team at levels 1-2 - $ 30 000+. 
    Career bonus - $ 900.  

  1. Junior: 10+ personally attracted customers who bought for $ 23,000+. 
    The total turnover of the team at levels 1-3 - $ 100,000+. 
    Career bonus - $ 3,000.  

  1. Middle: 15+ personally attracted customers who bought for $ 47,000+. 
    The total turnover of the team at levels 1-4 - $ 300,000+. 
    Career bonus - $ 9,000.  

  1. Senior: 20+ personally attracted customers who bought for $ 95,000+. 
    The total turnover of the team at levels 1-5 - $ 1,000,000+. 
    Career bonus - $ 20,000.  

  1. Lead: 25+ personally attracted customers who bought for $ 190,000+. 
    The total turnover of the team at levels 1-6 - 2 800 000+. 
    Career bonus - $ 42,000.  

  1. Head: 30+ personally attracted customers who bought for $ 375,000+. 
    The total turnover of the team at levels 1-7 - $ 8,500,000+. 
    Career bonus - $ 85,000.  

  1. Director: 35+ personally attracted customers who bought for $ 750,000+. 
    The total turnover of the team at levels 1-8 - $ 25,000,000+. 
    Career bonus - $ 175,000.  

  1. Vice-president: 40+ personally attracted customers who bought for $ 1,500,000+. 
    The total turnover of the team at levels 1-9 - $ 75,000,000+. 
    Career bonus - $ 375,000.  

  1. President: 45+ personally attracted customers who bought for $ 3,000,000+. 
    The total turnover of the team at levels 1-10 - $ 150,000,000+. 
    Career bonus - $ 450,000.  

  1. Boss: 50+ personally attracted customers who bought for $ 6,000,000+. 
    The total turnover of the team at levels 1-12 - $ 300,000,000+. 
    Career bonus - $ 300,000 one-time + 0.1% of the company’s income quarterly. 


How to start:  

  1. Register on the TeachMeCash platform using a referral link, select one or more annual analytical subscriptions and pay for them in bitcoins.  

  1. Read our analytical digests that we send you.  

  1. Fill out our 26 marketing surveys in a year - each comes to your email every 14 days. Even if you didn’t have time to answer, it’s okay, we will gather the data of the sample so that you could agree with them in one click.  

  1. We pay you more for each subsequent survey, as your expertise grows.  

  1. As a result, you get your x2 income in a year and even more with our advanced analytical subscriptions! 


The project is owned by Vinchell Limited, which is registered in Hong Kong. The company registration number is 2675786. In accordance with the Hong Kong's corporate law, the company's corporate documents (from the Certificate of Incorporation to the Annual Return) are publicly available through the Companies Registry of Hong Kong SAR. This documentation is open but paid. Still, there are several free options. You can make sure that the company is in the state register, see the status of its activity, and also find the list of documents available for paid download: https://www.icris.cr.gov.hk/csci/  

Start now and see the result soon - the first payment will come to your account in 14 days, and you will be able to immediately withdraw money to your Bitcoin wallet! 

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