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What are the best practices in Mobile App marketing?

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There are millions of apps on app stores these days and only a few of them are popular with high rankings. It is important for businesses to assess what mobile app marketing strategy they are going to use. A good marketing plan can make all the difference in an app’s performance. Here are some of the best practices that mobile app marketing companies use to skyrocket their app to the top.

  • Target Audience
  • Competitors
  • Create Hype
  • Optimize SEO
  • Assess
  • Reviews
  • After Launch

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Beat all the hassles of having to market your app all by yourself, let the industry professionals handle it for you. AppDupe, a mobile app marketing agency with over 10 years of experience in the app industry provides you with mobile app marketing services like Mobile App Consultations, Mobile App Monetization, Pre-Launch Campaigns, App Audits, Public Relations, Post-Launch Marketing and more!


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Great topic! Mobile App Marketing has become very essential in current scenario because if you developed app but nobody knows about it then it becomes waste. So, some marketing techniques should be applied. 

I like your ways to do market an app but, I suggest another way to do this is Artificial IntelligenceArtificial Intelligence is going to change the way marketing done to date. 

Here are some facts for marekting an app using AI:

  • Revenues from the artificial intelligence (AI) found Mobile or Web-based application is going to be $89,847.26 million US Dollars.
  • The growth of artificial intelligence based application is phenomenal. In 2017, the global AI based application market was expected to grow approximately 150 percent from 2016 levels, reaching a forecast size of 4.8 billion U.S. dollars.
  • This statistics shows the global spending on automation and artificial intelligence (AI) business operations in 2016 and a forecast from 2017 to 2021. According to a survey, in 2018, 7.5 billion U.S. dollars will be spent on intelligent process automation. In this context, artificial intelligence is an autonomous decision – making by a system or system designed to simulate human thought process.

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      Why Insurance Is Essential?
      Insurance is mandatory for your business and it provides you protection when you experience any damage or loss at the hands of your company or if your company is damaged by accident or loss etc. It is necessary for you to have insurance if you are running a business as it would protect your business and would give protection to others as well.
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      Personal loans are a great way to monetize your financial needs. A personal loan is a form of unsecured loan that can be used without worrying about the collateral. Many people often opt for a personal loan rather than the other loan options because the funds from a personal loan can be used at the discretion of the applicant. The lender does not monitor the use of personal loan funds, which makes it easier for the claimant to allocate the money according to his tax needs.
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      Personal credit EMI calculator:
      The interest you pay for your personal loan depends on two factors: the loan amount you borrow and the tenor for which you borrow it. Sometimes you may not know the exact amount of interest you need to pay for your personal loan. In such cases, an EMI home loan calculator can help you. To calculate the amount you need to pay as interest, you can use an EMI calculator for personal loans. When using the EMI Calculator, it is important that you calculate the EMI on the website of the lender you choose.
      Debt Consolidation:
      You can take debt consolidation to refinance all your loans. In debt consolidation, you can take out a personal loan to repay your debts, and despite paying multiple EMIs, you only have to pay a single EMI for all your loans. Since lenders do not monitor how the funds are used, it is easy to use personal loan funds to consolidate all your debts. Debt consolidation can reduce your financial burden.
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      By taking out a personal loan, you can not only monetize your various financial needs, but also benefit from the above features.
      Loans have gradually become an important aspect of our lives. A few decades ago, a person who wanted to borrow a personal loan had to go through a complicated process to claim it. However, with a plethora of financial companies founded about a decade ago, the concept of taking personal loans has been revolutionized. Financial institutions have explored the possibilities and provided more flexible loans to respond to people's needs.
      What are personal loans?
      Personal loans are an unsecured form of credit that involves quick sanctioning and a simple payout. The most interesting thing about a personal loan, however, is that no collateral is required. Personal loans often include lending an amount to meet the needs of medicine, education, equipment, travel, vehicles, etc. However, you are free to use a personal loan according to your wishes.
      What do you need to keep in mind when borrowing a personal loan?
      When talking about a personal loan, it is important to consider three factors - the amount of the personal loan, the term and the interest rate. These three aspects go hand in hand. The amount you borrow, the tenor you choose, and the interest rate you receive determine the EMI you will pay.
      A personal loan is a great way to overcome shortcomings. It is a blessing if you do not reach the required amount to meet your needs. There are several ways you can take full advantage of a personal loan. Here are some requirements for making the most of personal loans:
      Financing the house renovation: There are many people who want to rebuild their house. Lack of money, however, is the biggest obstacle that comes in their way. There could be a special occasion where renovating a home is pretty much in the culture. In such a scenario, you can opt for a personal loan to renovate a home. Apart from that, even if you want to add details, install a new roof or build an extra space; A personal loan will come in handy.
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      Credit Score: A personal loan helps in improving a credit score tremendously. There are several places, especially CIBIL, that calculate a credit score. A good credit score helps you to avail a tremendous amount of benefits, while a bad credit score can affect your chances of claiming any form of loan. If you repay your loan on time in a personal loan, your financial credibility to the lender will improve significantly.
      Paying debts on cards: A personal loan is usually borrowed to pay off debts on credit and debit cards. For a personal loan you may have to pay a high interest rate because the type of loan is not secured. However, it is much less than the amount deducted from your credit / debit card. Loaning a personal loan to pay off debts is a very good idea.
      These are some ways you can get the most out of personal credit. Apart from these options, you can even use it for investment purposes to make a significant profit.

    • By sikander
      Merebel is an innovative Masternode cryptocurrency and unique international financial ecosystem based in Austria! Merebel developed the first EU-regulated Crypto bank with a wide range of investment services for Masternode cryptocurrencies! With this fair and innovative financial system. Merebel is a global player of the whole emerging banking industry for blockchain technology! The Merebel-Ecosystem is designed for investments and makes passive income possible for everyone. Merebel CryptocurrencyRebelNode VIP Investment Platform RebelNode Multi Investment Platform for earning Bitcoin.
      Masternode hosting All-Inclusive-Service
      Merebel Blockchain Bank 3.0
      MasterMERIcard debit card
      Support for the most important Masternodes
      Affiliate Multi-Level-Marketing Platform
      Robust safety system for a smart future-proof financial system
      Merebel coin will be the cornerstone of a modern Bank with masternode rewards as interest rates, so we want to use Masternode rewards as a residual income and means of payment in every day´s life. Now there are two incredible investment platforms 1. The RebelNode Masternode platform for earning Merebel coin and the new Multi-Masternode platform for earning Bitcoin. With their all-inclusive masternode service, gives investors the opportunity to invest without much effort.
      Merebelis one of the strongest open-source Masternode blockchain currency in 2019 and offering ultra-fast transactions and low fees anonymously by combining a state-of-the-art decentralized solution and treasury management for governance.
      Headquartered in Europe and backed with leading exceptional professionals Blockchain and Financial specialists.
      The project has at this time a market cap of around 2,500,000$.
      This was a little overview of the Merebel company.
      Now I will explain the new and second awesome Blockchain investment Platform from Merebel.
      To make things further exciting, the new platform launched by the Merebel program started at 08-08-2019 with 161,000$ market cap in the first month as per 04-09-2019 showing the success and enthusiasm of the team.
      Merebel is in the Beta phase and offers a lucrative series of traditional masternode investments with an automated bitcoin reward exchange with its real-time decentralized Blockchain ecosystem. So now, earning bitcoin via setting up masternode technology is just a few clicks away.
      The platform setup is quite easy which starts with register, invest with Bitcoin and choosing a Masternode package.
      After this, you have invested in an all-inclusive service and Merebel will do the rest for you!
      >automatic Masternode setup with high-tech-server hosting in few minutes > earning lifetime Masternode rewards > automatic Merebel to Bitcoin exchange > earn Bitcoins in your wallet.
      Contrary to different masternode platform, Merebel offers real-time reward in bitcoin and the conversions happen within 8 hours to exchange your rewards.
      Merebel will also offer more high-quality masternodes for its investors in the near future, but that’s not all!
      They will also offer an investment package like a masternode pool whereby the user would get the average return of all underlying coins in the platform converted in bitcoin.
      Next step for the year 2020 is a real estate crypto bank by Merebel where the masternode rewards can be converted into fiat earnings.
      And the platform is not just limited to only masternode rewards, rather offers a series of multi-cashflow streams whereby a user can earn money via;
      Various Masternode reward in Bitcoin. choose your Masternode package and earn Bitcoins Masternode Pool rewarded with an automated Bitcoin exchange – an investment package where you can invest in all the different available Masternodes, and the average profit is automatically split between the investors. Bitcoin wallet – The Merebel platform offers a real interlinked Bitcoin wallet as well for long term investors to keep their earnings saved. MasterMERIcard – earn rewards in Fiat with your own debit card. Affiliate Multi-Level-Marketing Business plan Initial Investment Requirement So now, since the benefits have been discussed, here comes the initial investment part which can be further investigated here. Merebel currently offers three different investment programs which are mentioned below;
      Starter Node: Initial investment requirement ~BTC/USD 500 Silver Node: Initial investment requirement ~BTC/USD 1,500 Gold Node: Initial investment requirement ~BTC/USD 3,000 The investment can be done in Bitcoin (depending upon the price of your chosen Masternode coin at the time of investment) *
      Now I will introduce you to the Merebel Partner compensation plan
      Merebel MLM Business Plan
      While the underlying coin offers returns on top of the capital appreciation of Merebel; the platform also offers an affiliate Multi-Level-Marketing plan whereby a user can have infinity sub-distributors under them. The Merebel business distribution plan is a fair distribution system whereby users can increase their bitcoins by referring other people to their investments and more.
      Multi-level commissions, 2) Sponsor bonus, 3) Masternode reward bonus, 4) Rank advancement bonus 5) Leadership bonus pool Multi-level commissions Merebel MLM has unlimited infinity direct partners under the first level and goes up to 10 levels deep.
      (The percentage are calculated by the total masternode package investment.)
      The distribution of income till the 10th level is mentioned below;
      MLM Commission Distribution
      Sponsor bonus Under the sponsor bonus program, Merebel investors can earn from his direct partners 5% commission.
      Masternode reward bonus The third cash flow stream from Merebel comes in the form of masternode reward bonus. This happens when your referral partner intends to set up a masternode. As per the management guidelines, as user signup for masternode, the referee immediately gets the bonus from all his Masternode reward in the form of bitcoin up to 7% depending upon your rank.
      Rank advancement As the profile of each investor strengthens up, Merebel would increase its rank automatically and based on that, the Masternode commission reward bonus percentage would also go up.
      The rank and point table scores are mentioned below;
      Leadership bonus pool As the rank of the users would come under top-ranked profiles, Merebel would compensate such investors additionally by offering leadership pool bonuses and would also share a percentage of quarterly sales. The percentage of sales reward is mentioned below.

      Join now: https://invest.merebel.org/invite?ref=2092320673
    • By iamharrykane
      With the advent of mobile apps and their subsequent success, there has been a huge interest in investment in this budding industry. As an investor, making the right choice when it comes to choosing a mobile app marketing company is paramount. 
      AppDupe provides you with the tools that you need to thrive in this modern world. With thousands of successfully launched products under their belt, they are the leading choice for all your app marketing needs. 
      Their innovative solutions and cost-effective plans will help you ‘wow’ your customers like never before. Come and be a part of the AppDupe family today!

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