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BitMining Limited - bitmining.biz

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I Am Not Admin/Owner Of The Project! !!!

Start: 02/09/2019

BitMining Limited

BitMining Limited was established in 2019, endeavoring the vast range of possibilities with modern asset management
 via our trading and mining practice to serve investors for making the best investment holdings.

Investment plans:

10% Daily Forever
Ƀ0.00100000 - Ƀ500.00000000

 900% After 30 Days
Ƀ0.00100000 - Ƀ1.00000000

3000% After 60 Days
Ƀ0.00100000 - Ƀ1.00000000

 1350% After 30 Days
Ƀ1.00000000 - Ƀ10.00000000


min deposit: 0.001 BTC.
min  withdrawal:  0.0002 BTC.

referral commission: 5% - 1%
Withdrawal Type :Instant

Licensed Script
DDOS guard
SSL Sectigo Limited
Company #12184485



My deposit:  Ƀ0.00210000  






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one more payment: 

Transaction batch is 8d145eeea304c1015779cf4a56466f

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Immediately after the public launch, we began to receive letters with a proposal to expand the list of possible coins.
Not immediately we made this decision. First, we conducted a survey of our investors. We found out how many investors want to see our company work with many cryptocurrencies.

When the number of members who declared their desire to invest in other cryptocurrencies became more than 50%, a decision was made.

The next step is the choice of cryptocurrencies. Of the more than 2500 cryptocurrencies, we selected only 10 and conducted a deeper analysis.

At the end of the analysis, they made a public anonymous vote.

Today we provide the opportunity to make deposits in several more cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin Cash


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BTC0.00052000 has been successfully sent
Transaction batch is fb8fd13be557fcd38849c9a0daac73c85e7765693035d0d8c70d72830bfb020b.
2:44 PM  09/09/2019

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