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From the day xyo launched the COIN app on Android and iOS, people have been absolutely OBSESSED with it.


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Geominers have sent in videos. They’ve posted images on social media. They’ve told us wild and woolly tales of mining XYO all over the planet, at train stations, on road trips, on airplanes, just…everywhere!

How obsessed are our geominers? We already have a leader board. And our first place miner has earned $765!

Geomining is taking over the world — and we’re just getting started!

But just as we start ramping up cool new features for our faithful miners, we’ve decided to do three key things:

1.      Massively expand our global location network

2.      Reward our faithful geomining kit owners not neccesary

3.      Allow the people who don’t have mining kits to also join in on the fun (expanding our global location network at the same time).

We’re a democracy at XYO, so here’s what we did. We sent out a survey to geomining kit owners and we straight-up asked them: Would you be fine with allowing people who don’t own geomining kits to mine XYO with the COIN app?

The answer? YESSSSS.

It was not even close! More than 91% of our geominers who responded — and we’re talking well over 1,400 people here — agreed that letting non-mining kit owners earn XYO was a good idea.

So, here’s the deal. If you own a geomining kit, the rewards for using COIN will be huge: 12X what someone who doesn’t own a mining kit will earn. I repeat: 12X!!!

You’ll also have EXCLUSIVE access to some cool new features that we’ll be unveiling soon!

HOWEVER….if you don’t have a mining kit, and you have just one sentinel or two, you can still play along! The rewards won’t be quite as big, but over time, you can still earn a nice amount of XYO!

Naturally, getting your hands on a geomining kit will earn you XYO much faster. 12X faster.

But if that’s not part of your plan, here’s all you need to do to use COIN and mine XYO:

1.      Download the COIN app for Android or iOS

2.      Open the app and create your account

3.      When a sentinel is detected, press the mining button

4.      Profit

If a square featuring your sentinel is already mined, you’ll just need to wait until it replenishes (think seconds or minutes) before hitting the mining axe button again.

Remember: COIN is a game that can be played anywhere a sentinel is found, so don’t be shy about taking your sentinel (or sentinels) all over as you mine! We want to beef up our location network with as many sentinels as possible, so do your part, geominers!


Comment down below if you joined so I can add you into friendlist.

Thanks for reading, You Like? Share It!


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