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Crops-Funds - crops-funds.com

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The Crops-Funds manages and distributes federal and provincial funds in support of innovative projects to benefit the agri-food industry in Europe. Funding is needed to help the industry seize new opportunities and deal with emerging issues.

We aim to be associated with quality agribusiness investment opportunities structured in a fair and transparent manner for the benefit of investors.

A.I.C. has been set up to assist mainly European agribusinesses and farmers expand their supply base and attract expansion capital.

Our focus is to structure genuine agricultural and regional investment opportunities for the benefit of all investors involved, using specialist and proven partners to provide the investment solution.

By your investments in our company, we take the opportunity to help the growing agricultural community to advance in a new level of vegetable and flower production. Progressing in automation techniques, advanced irrigation systems, but also in chemical analysis of soil and meteorological control in greenhouses are the key of success for the slowly grown agriculture industry. As the assets of our clients are rising, your profits from the investment made mature.

* Investment term - 180 Business days

* 1.1%-1.9% daily interest

* Interest is paid on trading days,5 days per week

* Compounding Available

* Minimal Deposit is $10/€10

* Maximum deposit $20,000/€20,000

* Fast withdrawal, no withdrawal fees.

* Principal is refunded after investment term


$10 - $300

1.1 % - 1.3% Daily

Total Return: 334%

$301 - $1,000

1.4 % - 1.6% Daily

Total Return: 388%

$1,001 - $20,000

1.7 % - 1.9% Daily

Total Return: 442%

This is our company registration certificate.Kindly click on it to enlarge.

For more information, visit


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A Letter has been sent to the Admin., with an invitation to our Forum

and requesting that they add our banner and linking it to their thread on the forum.

so the members know where to get info. and updates and of course visit...


{This program has not been Researched yet... }

Visual it being so...

And it shall be...

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