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Developing a Multiple service App like Gojek

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After the success of Gojek, there is an increased popularity for on-demand multi-service applications. Every entrepreneur is now interested in creating an application similar to Gojek. But it isn’t an easy task to create an app like Gojek. You have to spend time and money in the process of developing an application from scratch. You can get customizable clone applications. 

You have to find the right app development company to develop a perfect application for your business. Being a pioneer in app development, the right Gojek clone for your business with advanced features such as, 

  • Profile
  • Saved address
  • Scheduled bookings
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Booking records
  • Rate card
  • Pooling
  • Live vehicle tracking
  • Reviewing
  • Estimated travel time
  • Trip rate estimator
  • SMS/Email notifications

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    • By william07
      People’s complete reliance on mobile phones gives rise to applications, which helps them to have everything they want at their doorstep. Now apps have taken a new dimension as Super apps. 
      The concept of super app is pretty simple. Instead of hopping from one app to the other for availing multiple services, the super app allows users to avail every service from a single application. For instance, if you want to book a taxi and wish to order food at the same time, you don’t have to use two different applications. With an app like Gojek, we can avail multiple services from a single application. 
      With its unique concept, Gojek has become a great hit among people. The company is currently working to raise $2 billion in its ongoing series F fundraiser before the year-end. Started as a super app in Indonesia, it is now handling almost $1.5 billion of transactions outside this country. 
      After the massive success of this multiservice application, entrepreneurs are planning to launch a similar application. Many companies have started providing app development services. If you wish to enter the lucrative world of super apps, you can easily get a replica of an app like Gojek. 
      Keeping the business model of Gojek as the base, you can build an application with your business specifications. If you have plans of developing an app like Gojek, make sure to develop it from the experts in the field. 
      You can follow this link to know more about the cost, time and features you need to include in developing an application like Gojek.
    • By william07
      You have heard of Gojek’s myriad features for its customer base. As an entrepreneur you can make it big like Gojek all you need is a reliable and trustworthy Gojek app Clone to make your service business successful and flourishing. One app many features.
      Support for Android and iOS platforms for the users and service providers Manage various activities using the powerful admin panel Booking and dispatching management using the dispatcher panel. Keep track of earnings and revenue reports using the billing admin panel User and service provider info can be managed using the profile option There are also various benefits enjoyed by the users and service providers using the Go-Jek clone app.
      Frequently used addresses can be saved thus avoiding the entry every time Daily commutes can be done by using the scheduling the bookings All the trips and their rates can be done using booking records Various modes of payments option available Track all the bookings in real-time using the live tracking feature.  Get instant notifications for all the activities   Reviews and ratings for the completed bookings and activitie
    • By william07
      It provides multiple on-demand services like hailing taxis, food delivery, logistics under a single solution. If you have an idea to create a service-oriented app, then choosing a GoJek like app will be a profitable decision; since it will definitely earn you a vast customer base. 
      Also, creating an app like it doesn't require much time since there is another favorable option called "clone scripts." This will cut short your time as well as expenses while allowing you to start your venture within 48 hours. 
    • By william07
      It has dramatically increased the earnings of their partners and ensuring a better standard of living for all its employees. As it is a single app solution that caters to multiple on-demand services and huge market, it is a highly profitable business. It would be the best decision, if anyone wishes to start a business based on the demands of multiple-services in the market. They can develop a Go-Jek clone app and start making profits.
      Go-Jek clone app can be developed using the Go-Jek clone source code. Using the code, all the required customized features can be integrated into the app. Some of the features required to build Go-Jek clone app is discussed below,
      Android and iOS apps for users and providers. Admin Panel to view and manage all activities.  Billing panel for admin to keep track of earnings and revenue reports. Multiple payment methods. Ratings and Reviews for to improve quality standards.
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