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Eliza Barry

How you can make custom Suitcase Boxes at home

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Suitcase boxes are Eco-friendly, stylish, trendy, and sustainable. They can be used as storage, traveling, and organizing boxes. Using old not-in-use cardboard boxes, you can make custom suitcase box at home with craft supplies in a few simple steps. Rocking it on the table as an organizing box. Or at the foot side of a bed as a storage box, the choice is yours.

Are you tired of piling your stuff in the corner of the room or on that chair beside the table?

We can feel the struggle of messy table or closet and the effort it takes to find one thing and not finding it at the time of need. You must be thinking of what can be done as you cannot keep adding more tables and closets in that room of yours. The embarrassment of having a cluttered room when someone arrives and give you a look of disapproval as this is the most unacceptable thing that could ever happen.
Yes, it is by the way! To get the supplies and prepare yourself, make a fantastic custom suitcase box to get organized.


Get the Supplies:

To save yourself from the hassle of running here and there during work, it is essential to gather all the supplies before starting the process. The things that are required have already been lying around your house. If not, you can get the missing items from the store that are cheap and would not cost you much.
For this project of the suitcase storage box, you will need:
Cardboard (according to the size of the box you want)
Glue (white glue)
Wooden pieces (in proportion to the size of the box, for screws)
Paper cutter
Measuring scale
Screw and nuts
Paint (if you do not want to wrap)
Wrapping paper
Foam paintbrush (for gluing)


Safety Measurements:

After gathering all the supplies do the safety measurements to minimize the mess or any stains from the glue or the paint.
Plastic sheet (spread a leaf on the floor or working area)
Small towels (to keep the hands and stuff clean)
Water bowl (for cleaning purposes)
So when all the pre preparations are done, get ready to make cardboard suitcase boxes.


Step 1.

Measuring and cutting:

If you can find the box exactly the size of the suitcase you want to make, then it will be perfect but if you can't, not an issue.
Start by measuring the box and mark all parts and sides of the box that are to be cut and assembled later. You will need four equal pieces, two for the cover and two for the base. One long strip that will make the walls of the box in the height of your choice and one thick that will make the walls of the lid.


Step 2.

Gluing all the parts together:

To make a strong and sturdy box that can hold a fair amount of stuff without breaking, glue two pieces of cardboard that you just cut for the base and the cover. After applying the glue, put some weight on it to secure the bond entirely.
Take an empty box of pringle and roll the strips around it to make it flexible and easy to bend without any sharp ends.
Now stick the strips on the base and the lid that you made earlier with the help of glue gun and let it dry by tightly taping all the parts in place.


Step 3.

Newspaper strength:

To make a stronger suitcase storage trunks tear small pieces of newspaper and glue it on the whole box with white glue. It increases the power of the box to 5 five times. This step needs drying overnight to give a stronger finish.


Step 4.

Add screws & handles:

To attach the lid to the box, make a shallow space in the size of the wooden pieces on which screws are going to be connected. Glue the wood pieces in the places. It will help in giving stronger attachment of the handles and locks in areas it is made for.


Step 5.

Paint Paint Paint:

At this step, you have a choice between wrapping the box or painting the table.
Paint is more preferable because of it having a long-lasting relation with wrapping paper. Wrapping paper can get spoiled quickly, and there is no big enough sheet to cover the whole box.

If you want to go vintage use pastel colors and to keep it trendy use monochrome, bright, and vivid colors to pop the fun.
Acrylic paints are proved to be the best for a DIY project as they dry quickly.

Step 6.

Decorate, be creative:

To give them the final finish, use different things like stickers, logos, names, and laces, etc. on the box. Use of beads and crystals or anything you like on the box will make it more representable on the table or in the room.
You can also add compartments and separators in these boxes for a more organized box. It is not necessary to glue it permanently in the box so that you can take it out or place it back according to the use at the time.

Brown cardboard suitcase can be given a retro look by adding the stickers if you are too lazy to do more work. This is the beauty of cardboard boxes that they can be used in any way and still looks good. Suitcase gift boxes can be made in with shoe boxes and small boxes and given as presents to the loved ones. Customizing is the plus point which allows you to make it according to the need and requirement.
Suitcase storage bags are not only to be used as organizers and storage they can be taken away on the trip to carry the small stuff with you that can be placed or used as it is. It saves a lot of time to sort things, which can be utilized in visiting more places on vacation.
No more mess, no more looking for things like abandoned money, no more losing your favorite stuff, no more extra clothes on the study chair, and no more worries. This DIY custom suitcase box is beneficial fun and easy.

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