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HONEYBEEAPP - Crowfunding for people - Start with $10

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HONEYBEEAPP is a community fundraising application. We develop this app base on Blockchain technology, with a strong commitment to equality and fairness. How fair will it be? We will explain below. The app is an e-wallet with crowfunding minigame integrated in. We created a community with the goal of helping members using our app have money. That amount of money is supported by members of the honeybeeapp community. Members in our community will support each other with the minimum amount of $10. We will explain how our blockchain system works. For more information, kindly refer to our terms. You may think that there is a chance that you will lose this $10 for good. Absolutely not, if you give $10 to support other members and they don't get this support from you, our blockchain system will give you a refund. This is our commitment.




Referring to Honeybeeapp application, please remember: This is the e-wallet supporting community. Before you join the community, we will have 5 questions for you and your referral. The purpose of these questions is to show us your confirmation and your referral. An agreement and a commitment to accept the help of other members. We will refund your $10 if no one accepts your support. 




You will absolutely get the help of others, that is a sure thing. Each time your referral support other members, you will receive a help from the system, this is a privilege for sponsors of partner's assistance.



- This is not a gambling game

- This is not an e-commerce business





You must have at least $10 available in your wallet. The system will generate 5 ProvideBee commands and we get 5 times GetHoney. This means you have given $10 with $2 each time.

Before helping out, we have 5 questions for you and your partner. If you agree with these 5 questions, you will continue to create help commands.

You can check your 5 orders at GETHONEY  à Your PB in App

To receive the help from other members, you go to GetHoney à List Of PB.  You will see all the help lists of others here and at this point, you are the one who gets help. Click the GetHoney button. You will receive $2 each time. After that you will be able to receive the full $10 that you have helped others.

Every time you press the GetHoney button, you will lose a small fee for the system, equivalent to $0.2, this fee is used to maintain the system. This fee is converted into BeeKey. To buy Beekey, you must go to Beekey section to buy the package. The cheapest package is $1 with 5 beekeys

Thus, this is completely fair to everyone, sharing each other's help, how great it is.

We have rewards for your help. For each of your referrals that generates 5 PB commands, you will have one additional chance to GetHoney. That is, you get a chance to receive extra $2. Of course you won't get this $2 if you don't create PB. Simply put, if you do not create help, you will no longer receive $2.


Conditions for GetHoney:

- You must have at least 1 Beekey (system fee)

- You must have at least 1 point corresponding to the GH times

- You must have at least 1 PB command, which PB command has not been GH by another member

Conditions for increasing the number of GetHoney times :

- Your Partner or referral generates a ProvideBee help. Every time a partner or referral creates a ProvideBee order, you will get 1 point immediately.

The equal element in HBA's system, is helping others, then you will get help. Same as the picture below



The system will refund the amount you have supported, if no one receive this help from you. Thus, we will have a full circle of mutual support within the system and the community of application users. If the community gets bigger, you will get more support.







What is HONEYBEECOIN? HONEYBEECOIN  is a coin in our blockchain system. It was created to stimulate the value of the application. It is also a coin symbolizing the interest of those keeping money in the HBA's wallet.

When it comes to converting your assets into HoneybeeApp, we have a responsibility to preserve and protect your assets, so we have an attractive payout program for those who keeps money at the HBA e-wallet.


Below shows the interest payments depend on the amount money available in your coin purse:

- From 100$ to 250$ you receive 3%/month

- From 251$ to 500$ you receive 3.5%/month

- From 501$ to 750$ you receive 4%/month

- From 751$ to 1000$ you receive 4.5%/month

- From 1001$ to 2500$ you receive 5%/month

- From 2501$ to 5000$ you receive 5.5%/month

- From 5001$ to 7500$ you receive 6.5%/month

- From 7501$ to 10000$ you receive 7%/month

- From 10001$ to 25000$ you receive 7.5%/month

- From 2500$ to 50000$ you receive 8%/month

- Over 50000$ you will receive  8.5%/ month

The application acts as a E-wallet and bank. Therefore, profits may be higher than banks, but compared to other investment, we guarantee, this level of interest payment is safe enough for applications users.

The interest you will receive automatically in app, it will convert into corresponding HONEYBEECOIN(HBC). To convert HONEYBEECOIN (HBC)to BTC, ETH, LTC or XRP, use SWAP.


      - Profits will be converted to HBC automatically. We can change the percentage of profit depending on the community using this application. 

-          Each wallet mush have at least $100 to be paid interest by the system, the calculation is separated on BTC, ETH, LTC,and XRP wallets. The system does not accumulate on all wallets.

-          You will get 1% on every profit of your referral, during the operation, we are entitled to change this, depending on the community using this application. Of course, we will increase the percentage, because this is a reward for people with referrals.

-          The system will convert your interest into HBC at 10:10 UTC everyday.

-          The system will calculate everyday, only a limited number of HBC is converted into other coins.

-          You must open the interest payment feature, otherwise the system will not update HBC for you.



HONEYBEEAPP  is like other e-wallets. You can top-up or withdraw anytime, anywhere as we don’t have many obligation. But we have conditions as follow:

-          Withdrawal fee is 0.5% on each withdraw, this is to limit the amount of massive investment, affecting the community and other members.

-          Each time withdraw, the automatically pays interest system will stop, you must re-open this feature.

-          Each withdraw must be 15 minutes apart. To ensure the system is running properly  and against hackers. We will notify you if this situation happen.



HoneyBeeApp ecosystem and goals

In the near future, we aim to develop many crowfunding minigame for the community. In 10 years, we look forward to receive the support from you for e-wallet products combined with crowfunding graves along with handy and easy to use for users.

Rewards for user ?

You will receive 2 BEEKEY for the first time you download the application, to experience crowfunding game.



The document describes the plan and how HONEYBEEAPP works. We hope HBA and the community will develop together. For a supporting community. Best regards.




LINK :https://honeybeeapp.online/appdownload

ANDROID : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.honeybeeapp24722

IOS: https://honeybeeapp.online/download/host2


WEBSITE : https://honeybeeapp.online

TELEGRAM : https://t.me/honeybeeapponline


Your Referral : honeybeeapp - Get this referral to your sign up or your sponsor



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