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Start of the project: 08/01/2019 PerfectMoney Verified, 0 Trust Score point 
I do not admin and admin do not know. The topic was created for informational purposes.

Socpay Bot

Who are we?
Small and medium businesses are forced to pay Google for contextual advertising, which makes up to 80% in the final cost of the company's products. In fact, all of us pay Google to find the products and services of our interest. This situation is not fair and we want to change it. Our platform will provide everyone with an opportunity to earn at the expense of advertising budgets of small and medium businesses, instead of Google. At the same time, small and medium businesses will spend less money on promotion. After all, these are small and medium businesses that support all the strongest global economies. Meanwhile, corporations seek to destroy small businesses, switching cash flows to themselves.

Why does it work?
SEO optimization is unreasonably expensive for small companies. The unique algorithm developed by our company will reduce the advertising costs and let the community earn by performing simple actions. We're building a large community which can help small business to get to the front pages of search results. In exchange, business will share a part of its revenue with the community, common people will get this money, not a huge corporation. Join us!

What do we want to do?
Help small and medium businesses and become a part of our community. Join today:
Start earning by doing simple tasks
Help the society to get rid of unfair and intrusive advertising
Embrace the fair competition
Together, we can redirect billions of cash from Google’s advertising to the pockets of ordinary users. That's not the end. A fair price for advertising and an equal chance for everyone – these are our goals and our main mission.

Get from 0.7% to 1% daily
Your investment opportunity
Everyone can become our partner and earn money with us! We made the process simple and transparent. How does it work, what happens with your investment?

We (at Socpay) receive a SEO optimization order
Users perform actions using our Telegram bot, they get rewarded
The web-site we optimize reaches front pages of search engines, they pay our invoices
You earn interest on your investment
We earn our commission after we pay our partners and users
Investment programs for our partners:
2 months - 0.7% daily
3 months - 0.8% daily
6 months - 0.9% daily
12 months - 1% daily

2$ Sign Up Bonus

Referral Program : 10%-3%-2%-1%-1%1%

Our Contribution 15$ : The amount of 15 USD has been withdrawn from your account. Accounts: U4035392->U20897860. Memo: Shopping Cart Payment. . Date: 20:01 02.08.19. Batch: 274627436.

Join TG Bot

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