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BITHER Faucet 0.0025 BTR - 25 BTR (1ETH - 100 BTR)

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Bither.io New global platform!0.0025 BTR - 25 BTR. 1ETH - 100 BTR

One of the features of Bither is combined mining, it is a powerful incentive to attract more miners to the Bither network. Miners will be able to mine all configured tokens located on the second layer, not just the main coin (BTR).

Unusually but AirDrop is made on the similarity of the crane!

You can receive BTR every 2 hours

Charging randomly from 0.0025 BTR to 25 BTR

Price: 100 BTR = 1 ETH

Moreover, after the end of the ICO, you will receive not only BTR coins but also 2 more coins in the equivalent of the collected BTR!

These 2 coins in the future will be to use bither on the platform for buying mining pools!

LINK: https://panel.bither.one/?ref=ytO7l4xe


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