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Different types of Forex brokers

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In Forex market there are different types of Forex broker that are providing necessary facilities for their clients. Different broker allows different types of facilities for their traders. And according to your trading knowledge you should pick the right broker. I select the best STP executing broker Forex4you for my trading. From this real STP trading broker I get – lowest trading spread from 0 pips, smart bridge of technology and so on.

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There are two kinds of broker in forex market. One is dealing desk and one is non dealing desk. Dealing desk broker execute your request with re-quote and dismissal. That is chafing for a trader. That is the reason I pick a non dealing broker called XeroMarkets. it execute my request quick without re-quote and dismissal. Those are most basic thing for my scalping. They additionally are giving me low tight spread, swap and commission free account and some more.

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There are different types of Forex brokers but I prefer to choose the broker that is more appropriate to our trading style. Because by the help of a supportive broker we could make good money in our trading life. That’s why FXdirects trading broker I have been chosen in my trading. To run a profitable and successful Forex business they help me lot. They allow low spread from 0.1 pips, high leverage 1:500, instant market execution etc.

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When you decided to choose broker that you want to trade with, please choose one that give you more benefits. Like FreshForex, I choose them because FreshForex offer me a lot of bonus, such as : 200% deposit bonus and many more. It is good for your trading experience. Why you choose another broker without bonus?


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There are two main types of forex brokers:

Dealing Desks (DD)
No Dealing Desks (NDD).

Dealing Desk brokers literally create a market for their clients, meaning they often take the other side of a clients trade.

As the name suggests, No Dealing Desk (NDD) brokers do NOT pass their clients’ orders through a Dealing Desk.

This means that they do not take the other side of their clients’ trade as they simply link two parties together.

Here you can get more information about different forex brokers: http://www.internationalanswer.org/forex/brokers-comparison.html

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